Try the glass smoking pipes game with a friend

  Fun time with friends is never a bad thing. There’s nothing like a little herb to make the time good. Collect your buds and shoots, settle in for a night of fun with red eyes in our list of glass water pipes games. Try it when you’re excited. You’ve always heard of drinking games – beer pong, flip cups, dorm rooms – but how long have you heard of smoking games?

  As herbs become more popular, more people are smoking in social settings. This means more dinners, picnics and any event that gathers good herbs and good friends. Whether you’re looking for an exciting game, a friendly competition or just a good laugh, we have you covered. Our only advice is that you don’t start doing what you can’t do, and of course you should spend your money responsibly, just like drinking.

  Blunt/combo rolling contests

  There’s always someone claiming to be the best, so put them to the test with this friendly competitive glass pipes for sale game. Organize all the material rolls you’ll need – grinders, paper/blunt wrap, etc. Start the timer and watch them run. Whoever has the fattest and best blunt wins, but really, when you light up everyone’s blunt, everyone wins.

  The most creative snacks

  Some of our best culinary creations are made when we’re excited, so why not try your hand at them? Invite your friends over for a wild night out in a well-stocked kitchen where you’ll do your best to create the best snacks. Don’t forget the plating. Or, if you have the necessary ingredients, you can inject even more fun into your culinary masterpieces.

  Smoking Blocks

  If you’ve played with drinking jenga, it’s almost the same, but glass weed pipes. get a set of regular jenga blocks and write down smoking-related actions for every other block, such as – “take a deep breath” , “blow”, “skip the blunt”, “inhale in 30 seconds”. The person pulling out the block must perform the listed actions, if it is empty they will do nothing. This continues until someone knocks it down. There are no winners or losers, just a fun way to smoke with friends.

  I never have.

  When you want to get to know your friends and have real success, this is the game for you. Start by raising your hand. That’s your five lives. Start the game with the first person by stating something they have never done before. If you or someone else does something they haven’t done, you smoke and then put down a finger. You keep going in the circle until someone loses a life and they lose, but hey, you’re the tallest in the room.

  Face to face or slate

  If you’re so tall that some games seem a little too complicated, then it’s the perfect game. As long as you look your opponent in the eye, whoever laughs first loses. The winner gets hit and you go again, but now the winner of the last round is taller and more likely to break first. After these rounds, you’ll all finally be laughing.

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