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About HiLookah

Since 2009 HiLookah Glass has been producing high-quality glass water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. Our design is second to none, continually driving the fusion of style and function. Owning a HiLookah glass pipe is like owning a work of art. With over 300 highly skilled glassblowers putting out pieces every month for you to enjoy.

Developing new water pipes is part of our culture, it’s what sets us apart from the other glass water pipe companies. You never know what our designers will come up with next, from towering glass behemoths to heady glass designs that will blow your mind. HiLookah glass also makes glass pipes under the T’ATAOO, BIGMOM, and BIIGO brands. Be sure to log into our webpage to see the full range of glass.

HiLookah Glass represents some of the most beautiful and sophisticated pipes that smoking outlets offer. In addition to artistically functional Glass, HiLookah Glass provides a growing range of dab pens and vaporizers for tobacco, wax, oil, and hemp products. These are a perfect complement to be used alongside your glass pipes and offer a more modern way to enjoy smoking without combustion.

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