How to measure smokers glass bongs downstem tip size guide

  What is the lower stem?

  The cool glass bongs downstem is a long tubular glass that connects your bowl to the main water chamber of your water pipe. The glass plates form an airtight seal between them, and when you inhale, this helps draw smoke through the bowl plates into the water chamber. Without it, your smoke will simply go through your piece instead of going through the water first.

  These glass smoking bongs can be separated or secured to the glass plate. The fixed lower rod is built into your piece and attached to your percolator. There is one thing to worry about, but if it breaks, you can’t replace them as easily as you can with separate downstems.

  Measuring the lower stem

  When buying a new handle, there are two things you need to know: the fitting size and the length. These are the two standard measurements used by HQ in sales. The dimensions of the lower stem are the same as those of the fitting. The standard sizes are 14mm and 18mm, as well as the less common 10mm mini drill. If you need to determine the size of your joint, check out our simple guide. You’ll find your joint size in seconds for just pennies.

  To determine the length you need, we recommend using the pencil method. Just grab a pencil or pen, your tambourine and a ruler of some sort and you’re ready to go. The length of the lower stem is measured from the bottom of the frosted joint to the bottom of the stem, as shown in the picture below. Often, glass water bongs have frosted joints as well to help you more easily determine where to measure from.

  How to measure the length of the lower stem

  Once the pencil is deep enough into the water chamber, carefully remove it and measure the desired length with a ruler.

  Lower stem types

  There are many types of downstems besides the basic natural downstem. Just as water bongs glass pipes have perc, some downstrokes called diffusion downstrokes have the ability to help break down smoke. Some may have small cracks like tree stumps, while others have holes like honeycomb stumps. While they all serve the same purpose, they help you travel through the smoke

  Glass weed bongs can also be used as adapters! You will most often see 18mm pipes with 14mm/18mm thin downpipes, which means that glass bongs fit into 18mm fittings but use 14mm bowls or slides. 14mm is the most common bowl size, so unless you are actually connecting a specific 18mm slide, we recommend that you place the LoPro under the stem.

  glass pipes and bongs 14mm and 18mm downstem sizes

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