LOOKAH glass pipes and bongs are worth having

  Many of our customers at glass pipes and bongs are girls who are often looking for cool teenage looks. The most popular colors they want are obviously pink, purple, orange, etc. Sadly, we don’t use purple at all /I hope in the future/, but there are a lot of pink products out there. Not really pink, but a pink color caused by adding 24 carats of gold to the glass. This so called blonde smoke will have a great discoloration effect. The appearance of the color depends on the smoke. The more smoky gold, the more pink it is. Therefore, some glass weed bongs and water pipes have a very nice pink color and some orange color that we like. Our online tobacco store offers a wide variety of smoking products for girls. Here they are.

  Girls used glass on vape pens

  The strong glass vape pens change color very well and are well designed and not too big in size. The glass on the glass bowl is also pink. Made of hard borosilicate heat-resistant glass.

  Glass Bon Gold Princess Pink Beauty Glass Stick

  All three weed vape pens are hand-blown with built-in bowls so you don’t have to worry about breaking them. Teenage frother with rubber gasket bowl. Very small fingers, convenient size and amazing look. Perfect for girls.

  gold rose glass weed pipes gold and silver crystal frother

  glass weed pipes are hand blown from very durable Pyrex glass. All pink pipes have carbohydrate holes on the left side, but can be placed on the right side if necessary.

  Excellent smoking spoon dangling pipes pink Sherlock pipes lily gold spiral weed pipes blue sintered pipes art thick glass smoking pipes

  Maiden/girl heart glass water pipes for romance

  Very thick and durable pink cooler is hand blown by our skilled glass blowers.

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