Glass water pipes under 50 USD

  Our online cigarette store offers various discounts on a wide range of water pipes. In order to satisfy all our customers, our glass blowers can hand-blow a large number of glass water pipes products. Today, we would like to introduce some water pipes that cost less than $50. The choice is really big, come and have a look.

  Cheap bong

  The cheapest glass pipes for sale start at just $9. In this case, cheap doesn’t mean junk. Our cheap bong is made of lab Simax glass, which may not be as thick as heat resistant glass, but is still very durable glass. Various sizes, designs and types. Most of these cheap glass pipes near me are made with glass and carbohydrate holes on slides, so you can choose which smoking method works better for you.

  Rubber grommets

  vape pens are great for travel because they are small but still perform the functions of a classic water gun. Convenient glass sticks in various designs come with sticks held in place with rubber washers and carb holes. The cool thing is the animal vape pens, hand blown to a larger size, are silver with amazing color changing effects and decorated with 3D glass animals.

  Glass on glass rods

  Glass on water pipes is more expensive than rubber washer guns, but we also brought a few pieces at a discounted price. Classic shape or plain glass with curved mouth tubes. If you prefer vaporization to standard smoking, you can also buy our frozen water pipes for less than $50.

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