How smokers can stop snacking

  One of the most famous side effects of smoking is the infamous snack. The “Big Chew” is the intense hunger you feel after taking legal herbs and concentrates. If you’ve never snacked, you probably won’t sympathize with the actual feeling of relentless hunger, lack of self-control guilt, or the consequences you face from overeating. Over the years, even the authenticity of snacking has been hotly debated. Some deny that the phenomenon is real, but argue that, as portrayed in popular culture, it’s just lazy smokers gobbling it up, but recent studies have proven otherwise.

  The science behind it

  Several studies have examined the relationship between legal herbs and appetite, and their results are interesting. a 2014 study found that in rats, legal herbs acted on receptors in the olfactory bulb, the part of the brain that affects the sense of smell. These herbs significantly improved the rats’ ability to smell food and led to an increased appetite. Sounds familiar, if you know what I mean. Another study the following year at Yale University focused on hypothalamic POMC neurons that control eating, appetite and satiety. They found that once exposed to legal herbs, it doesn’t release the chemicals that scientists think make you feel full, but instead releases appetite and craving stimulating – endorphins. While there’s more research to be done, you can’t deny that there’s a link between herbs and appetite.

  The problem with snacking

  While smoking a bowl or a small cigarette should be relaxing after a long day, now you’re eating tomorrow’s lunch and looking for more. Not only are you asking for a stomach ache, but now you have to buy more food. This can cause even more stress if it affects your waistline. For weight-conscious smokers, snacking can be one of the scariest ways to get taller. You may have just finished a meal, and even if you’re full, snacking will ask you for seconds. When that craving hits, it’s hard to resist even the most self-controlled person. You’re dragging your feet blindly through cupboards, pantries and refrigerators trying to figure out where things can go wrong. Many of us struggle with self-control, so check out these tips.

  How to save your stomach and your wallet

  These studies lead us to believe that snacking suffers no matter what you do, so you have to be prepared for it. If you want to avoid eating out, check out the following tips we must try!

  Drink water!

  Make sure you stay hydrated when you smoke (always). Not only will this help improve cottonmouth, but your body sometimes interprets thirst as hunger. This will help reduce strong urges, but unfortunately, it won’t stop them.

  Go for a walk/run

  Put some physical distance between you and the snack. We don’t mean exercise, we mean getting out of the house and away from the fridge. Enjoy the neighborhood, or hop in the car and stick it in the park. Bring water and you’re ready to go. The scenery is beautiful this time of year. Napping

  If the snacks are too much to handle and you can’t get out, plan to smoke during your nap or go to bed early afterwards. That way, when hunger strikes, you’ll fall asleep and when you wake up, you should eat your next meal.

  Don’t eat until you finish your cigarette.

  This is a no-brainer. Wait until you’re done smoking before you eat your next meal. My favorite way to do this is to smoke a cigarette while I’m cooking. I can relax and make some bomb food that I will enjoy. Others like to place their order before lighting up so they can be ready to eat once it arrives. Just don’t forget the tip!

  The Eat Half Way method

  This method comes from a close friend. If you plan on going head to head against Mackey, this would be a golden option. Whatever you make/buy, only eat half and store the rest. Some may say why not eat it, but that little bit of food seems to be enough to satisfy the hunger pains and we can keep our willpower up for the rest of the day.

  These are just a few of the ways we deal with hunger, called “snacking”. We hope they will help you to arouse and get that urge next time.

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