Smoking glass pipes and bongs etiquette

  Smoking glass pipes and bongs etiquette

  Smoking is such a warm and pleasant environment; time for good friends and good conversation. While you may think it’s easy to sit down and climb up, there are many unspoken rules in the community that can make newcomers feel isolated. glass bongs etiquette is learned through your extended interactions with other smokers, but breaking the rules, even if you don’t realize it, can be a huge disappointment to others. To avoid an awkward situation with your Pod, we detail here the do’s and don’ts when it comes to orgasms.

  Do: Bring something to share

  Do you go to dinner parties empty-handed? No, so why show up with the luck of having nothing at all? Bring some bud, some hard bags – and maybe some snacks to satisfy the team for a late night snack. We know you can’t always contribute herbs, but there are plenty of other foods to bring that will show you’re not taking advantage of someone else’s generosity.

  Don’t: Bring Bad Buds

  Yes, you should bring whatever you can, but don’t bring anything that you wouldn’t water bongs glass pipes alone. Bring the last of your popcorn, open some roaches, or collect some milkshakes in the bottom of your collection jar. Speaking of which, quality

  Quantity. A nice kief hat is all you need.

  Do: Respect the right of the compactor

  If you don’t throw it, you don’t get to choose what happens if you throw it or not. The drums are dark. That’s the rule. Many people think it’s unlucky not to roll (or use a white lighter). There is also a superstition to always pass the ball to the left, but over the years, I know more and more people who play Kyle Polo and don’t care about the left or the right. Either way, it’s the dealer’s choice.

  *Kyle Polo when the steering wheel shouts “Kyle!” After the first hit, no matter who says “Polo!” First, say it straight, then keep spinning.

  No: sit on it

  It’s common to get carried away when glass water bongs with friends. Someone starts telling a good story, and before you know it, the straight talk is gone. Either they remain seated behind the dreary times or they continue to bat it away absentmindedly. It hurts and feels a little unfair. It’s not nice to be called out, but don’t put it on individuals. It happens to the best of us. Friends don’t make friends into jerks. Always remember, poof, poof, pass!

  Say no to peer pressure

  Friends don’t peer pressure! Don’t convince or make fun of someone for doing something out of their comfort zone, and don’t let yourself be influenced. Youglass smoking bongs more than you know. If one person starts to feel bad, it affects everyone else’s mood.

  Don’t: Blow a cigarette at someone

  It should be obvious-not cool at all. No, you’re not getting high contact. You’re downright ignorant, not to mention rude. Not only is smoke bad for your skin (sorry, hot box fans), but when you do it, we smokers with sensitive eyes can be seriously affected. Just blow the smoke into the air or between your legs to avoid disturbing anyone. This also applies to cats. Blowing smoke into a cat’s ear won’t excite anyone, it will only make the pet owner angry. Don’t mistreat animals because you think it’s cool to irritate them. Buy some catnip!

  Do: Clean up after yourself

  If you’re a friend, you should know better. If you’re a guest, where are your manners? The person hosting the sesh is probably as tall as you are, so they will be friends and help them out in their time of need. Even cleaning up after yourself can have a huge impact. If you think about it, they may invite you again in the future.


  Do:Understand that everyone has their own smoking etiquette

  The cool glass bongs rule varies from person to person. Over time, your core group of friends will develop their own smoking habits. While you have the overall basics, if you are with a group of smokers, you should be able to get right into it. If you do break one of these rules, don’t worry. Most smokers don’t even remember, and there is always a next time.

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