Why use glass dab rigs?

  What are glass dab rigs used for?

  1.Reduce heat stress

  When using a nail near a drill joint, the heat from the flashlight is transferred from the nail to the joint of the workpiece. Over time, this can lead to thermal stress or fractures and cracks that eventually make your drill unusable. best dab rigs prevent this by placing a distance between the nail and the joint.

  2. Recovery and cleaning

  When using a pull-down, the wax will naturally collect at the bottom of the pipe, making it easier to remove later. This recovery can be reapplied or used for food, topical applications or tinctures. In addition to recovery, the pull-down helps keep the rig clean by capturing wax and debris before they reach your workpiece. You can then place the entire attachment into the cleaning solution.

  3. Face distance

  With some rigs, especially smaller ones, the nails may be too close to your face for comfort. Use glass dab rigs to put some distance between the nail/heat and your face while getting a better idea of what you are doing.

  4. Multifunctional

  As a bonus, electric dab rigs can be used to change the size and/or gender of the joint for use with other accessories, nails and bowls! This provides even more options to customize your daily driver!

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