Did you know that fruits can also be made into cigarettes?

Believe that you usually smoke like this, did you make your own fruit smoke glass bongs by hand? If you do, do you know which one is more fun? Which one tastes the best? Here I will concentrate on the fruits that are suitable for making smoke water. bongs glass pipes

  1. Pear cool glass bongs

   If you look at the pear horizontally, it is basically a glass tube bowl.

   Explanation: First, use a pen to dig a hole in the middle of the pear. Keep digging until you reach the middle of the pear. This is where you can place the bowl (or dried herbs).

   Next, create another hole on the top of the pear and drill it deep enough to connect the two holes.

   Finally, create another channel on the side of the bowl, which will act as a carbohydrate. Make sure all three rooms meet-this is the only way you can succeed! Remember that airflow is vital to making any smoking device. Please keep this in mind to ensure the highest functionality.

  Pump new pear-shaped tube glass water bongs like standard glass tubes.

  2. Apple glass smoking bongs

   do it right and you will get the powerful pull of an apple bowl. As the most common fruit, apples are also the most popular smoked fruit. Chances are, if you have been an avid smoker for many years, you will see someone smoking with an apple, or you have smoked it yourself.

   Description: The first step in making an apple bowl is to dig a hole from top to bottom. This acts as a bowl area for dried herbs. You should also cut off the top of the apple to create more space for your dried herbs.

   The second step is to make a hole from the side of the apple to the center, connecting with the bowl. Finally, create another channel for the carbohydrate holes on the side of the mouthpiece. Look, the fruity smoking device is born!

  3. Avocado thick glass bongs

   In recent years, avocados have received a lot of cultural attention. People put them on toast, in burritos, and eat them individually. Unsurprisingly, they are also a good method without a glass pipe.

   Description: Much like other fruits, the beginning of the process is similar. First make a hole in the top (narrow part) of the avocado, all the way to the center.

   Next, make an incision on the side as a carbohydrate.

   Finally, dig another hole in the top of the avocado (above the pit). This will be the bowl area.

   For maximum success, add another avocado. Shape the second avocado into a bowl-shaped extension, which will increase the amount of dried herbs you can use. Put this piece in the bowl area and light it.

  4. Jalapeno headies glass bongs

   Have you noticed that the passion for dried herbs and the preference for spicy food are synonymous? Although it is difficult to find jalapenos around the house in a pinch, they make an excellent bowl at the last minute. Assuming you are a fan of spicy food, making bowls may also be delicious.

  Instructions: First, remove the top stem of the jalapeno. This should create a fairly hollow tunnel in the middle of the pepper. If not, you may need to make some additional cuts.

   bite the tip on the other side to create another chamber.

   Look! The task is complete! Now, place your herb in the area where the stems were previously fixed, and smoke.

   Although it is not exactly equivalent to a glass tube, this batter will prove useful in tight situations. Basically, we all agree: one blow is better than nothing.

  5. Squash glass beaker bongs

   Pumpkin is another fruit that is not easy to find in every household, but it is very suitable for replacing glass tubes. Basically, with its advantageous shape, the squash tube is simple and fun to use.

   Description: The first step is to create an oblique hole from the thick part to the thin end of the fruit.

   Like other fruits, the next step is to make a hole for the carbohydrates on the side. Make sure these two parts meet.

   On the other end of the squash, cut a mouthpiece that connects to the other incision.

  6. ​​Pineapple glass beaker bongs

   Because of their size, pineapples are an excellent fruit for improvisation.

  Description: Next, remove the center of the pineapple. There should be a fairly circular hollow part in the middle.

  Using a small and precise knife, dig another hole in the side of the pineapple at a downward angle. Insert the down tube from the broken chimney that you may have. Alternatively, you can use another hollow cylindrical fruit or plastic tube.

   Then, put a bowl at the end of the lower pole.

   When you are ready to finish it, fill the pineapple with water. Then, insert the mouthpiece into the top. For this step, you can use a new mouthpiece or other fruits.

   Try it out and adjust the water level as needed. Due to the tropical flavor, you might even prefer this piece to the glass pipe.

Are these fruit cigarettes amazing to you? Do you give you a hint of inspiration? If you haven’t tried it, you can try different fruit cigarettes feel. If you are an expert in this field, you can also give us Leave a message, we can try more glass beaker bongs.

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