Do you know what kind of cooling water pipe smoke is used for?

If you want to cool glass water pipes smoke, it is as simple as using ice cubes or glycerin. But glycerin is an excellent choice for cooling the smoke of glass smoking pipes. Remember that using ice cubes can cool the smoke well, but the best way to cool glass weed pipes smoke is to use glycerin. You may not know why this is the case. Here you can know which one is most suitable for you through their cooling principle.

  Use glycerin to cool the smoke

“Glycerin (also known as glycerin) is a simple compound made from sugar alcohols and has many useful properties. Glycerin is useful for the functional glass industry because it has a very high freezing point, which means it can be cooled to extreme temperatures without freezing and expanding.

  The water pipe using glycerin will have a cavity somewhere on the part that can be filled with glycerin. Then it needs to be sealed with a rubber stopper or a small amount of molten glass that melts on the hole. Water cannot be used for this purpose because it will expand in the refrigerator and break the glass that contains it.

   A beaker with a simple glycerin chamber, the tube passing through the built-in glycerin, will provide you with more surface area to cool the smoke.

  Glass blowers can create more surface area for smoke to pass through the glycerin chamber in a variety of ways. A common way to increase the surface area affected by the cooling capacity of glycerin is to use glycerin coils. There are all kinds of water pipes with these glycerin coils.

   To help save freezer space, some glass blowers include a glycerin chamber in the removable part of the component. The beaker with a large number of glycerin coils on the detachable neck can be stored in the refrigerator to cool, while the beaker is filled with water and the bowl is also filled. There are even some water pipes that can be converted into glycerin parts with unique glass pipes adapters.

   Cool your smoke with ice

   The water pipe can filter the hot, ash-filled air through the water to cool the smoke. There are many people who think that the smoke produced is still too harsh for them even after the smoke is discharged through the filter.

   There are many different water pipes that use ice tongs. This is an effective method to further cool the awesome glass pipes after the smoke passes through the water. Using ice cubes is a wonderful way to cool hot smoke, which can condense and produce a stronger impact, while also making it easier for you to inhale. This is especially true for smokers with sensitive throats or lungs. Some very cool water pipe ice cube molds are sold here, and there are also available kits that allow you to smoke from the smoke ice cubes molded into functional water pipes. When you are looking for cool smoke from cute glass pipes, ice is very good, but it has some disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

   When you use ice cubes in the ice tongs, melting will cause the water level to rise, which is likely to cause the function of the water pipe to decrease, and it will also increase the water you get in your mouth.

  By comparing them, you will know which one is more suitable for you. Although water is more convenient, but you have glycerin, we recommend that your water pipe smoke be cooled with glycerin.

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