How to enjoy oil dab rigs tapping more happily?

Dabs is a concentrated version of plants or herbs. Basically, dab rigs are made with solvents and extracts of plant compounds. The finished product is a thick oil called wax, crumbs or buds.

   smear is definitely a more modern way to enjoy herbs. The oil is heated on a hot surface (usually a nail) and then sucked in by tapping the drill rig. Alright-you are all filled up!

   For those who have just started the best dab rigs smearing process, we have collected a series of methods to improve your smearing experience. Basically, these will help make your experience as incredible as possible.

   1. Put on gloves for dab rigs!

   Of course, this may seem a bit neurotic and extreme. But when you get to know it in depth, the taps have an extraordinary flavor, but they are sticky and sticky. If you hold the wax with your bare hands, your fingers will become sticky as well. In addition, you may contaminate the DAB.

   That’s right-if you don’t wear gloves, the bacteria on your hands will transfer from your skin to the oil. Ultimately, this will lead to dilution or contamination. Keep your herbs free from contamination by the simple method of wearing gloves!

  2. Reduce the heat of electric dab rigs

   If you are a member of the smoke/pat community, you have probably heard of a pat horror story. With the recent emergence of smoking trends, stories of bad experiences will also appear. Of course, the more people experimenting, the more likely it is that these experiments will go wrong.

   Have you heard stories of unpleasant tastes or chest pains? Well, guess what? This is almost certainly a by-product of extremely high temperatures.

  Experienced smokers know to let their nails (or sausages) cool down after the heating process. If the nail is overheated, the concentrate will burn. Ultimately, this is what causes the unpleasant taste and discomfort.

   Unnecessarily high flames can also eliminate the aroma and taste ingredients, making tapping valuable. And these are the price you paid!

   Essentially, if you want to avoid these problems, always let your nails or ham cool after heating. In addition, keeping cool can make tapping more vigorous.

  3. Custom dab rigs use carbohydrate cap

  Basically, the carbohydrate cap is the carburetor for your tapping device. It limits the air flow when tapping the nail. Therefore, it allows you to collect the last tap to highlight your hitting point.

   If you put your nails on, the restricted airflow will put your drill under lower pressure. Therefore, it lowers the boiling temperature. Basically, you will smell a thick, sweet smoke.

  4. Clean your rig!

   No matter which smoking/patting tool you use, cleaning the rig is very important if you want to have a beautiful mood. Basically, there are many reasons to keep what you smoke clean.

   It’s not just about good hygiene and appearance. In addition, a clean tapping rig will provide you with higher quality blows. The strong, delicious smoke is what you get from a clean rig.

  The most important thing is that the more times you clean the rig, the easier it will be. The longer you delay between cleanings, the more difficult and arduous the process will be.

  5. Use mini dab rigs quartz nails/rods

  Do you want to get the best taste from your tapping device? Then try using quartz nails/rods.

  Quartz nails provide smokers with an incredibly clean and pure sense of strike. In addition, they have proven to be more durable than glass nails.

   What other good or unique smoking methods or tools do you have? You can also leave a message to communicate with each other, so as to continuously make smoking a pleasure.

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