Who in the U.S. is smoking marijuana

  As the legalization of marijuana spread in the United States, more and more celebrities began to support the industry. Once upon a time, every celebrity wanted his own wine brand. This is almost a sign of success in the world. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas and Dan Acroyd have all set foot in the wine field. It now appears that marijuana is the next fashionable thing, attracting the attention and money of celebrities.

  Some celebrities have a well-known history of cannabis. People like Tommy Bell, Snoopy Doug, and the legendary Willie Nelson are outspoken advocates of marijuana. Therefore, it is not surprising that they use their connection with cannabis culture to profit and become early adopters of this trend.

  Recently, the actor Seth Rogen has become a partner of the cannabis brand. He is the star of many Stoner comedies. Kempin Smith and Jenson Mills, also known as Jay and Silent Bob, became famous for their movies in the 1990s, and then they started to build their own brand.

  Although some of them may be ordinary products repackaged with celebrity names, others are more invested in product qualifications and are worthy of careful study.

  Snoopy’s leaf

  It’s not surprising to see Snoopy on this list. The famous rapper may be one of the first celebrities to enter the cannabis industry. He started his career in 2015 with Liverville, Colorado.

  In the second year, the company expanded to Canada and cooperated with Tweed. Tweed grows and distributes products, which are owned by Crown Growth. The series now includes several strains, Indian and Sativa, available in floral and concentrated form.

  Wiley Reserve

  Willie Nelson, a country music legend and long-time advocate of marijuana legalization, founded a company in 2014 to join the green craze in Colorado and Washington. Nelson launched a famous alliance on the roof of the White House in 1980, and this alliance has a long-standing association with marijuana. The brand called Willie Reserve was launched in 2015, taking a big twist on tradition. Now, the brand can buy vape cartridges, pre-rolls and flowers in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California. The company reflects Wiley’s long-term commitment to farm assistance and works closely with other brands that share his views and passion for cannabis as a drug.

  Tommy made it

  Comedian Tommy Chung was one of the first celebrities to launch his own cannabis brand. As a member of the iconic Cic and Chong duo, if you are asked to name a famous stonemason, he may be one of the first people that comes to mind. Launched in Colorado in 2015 and expanded to Washington the following year, the brand has largely become very popular because of its association with this symbol of cannabis culture. The product line is now available in Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Legnity Lab

  Former TV talk show host Montel Williams (Montel Williams) founded his own cannabis company in 2016. Williams is a patient with multiple sclerosis. He bluntly advocates the legalization of medical marijuana, “because it will allow more patients to use it.” Montell cannabis extract capsules are sold under his own company LenitivLabs. The company targets critically ill patients so that they can obtain high-quality standardized medicines.

  Jay and the silent Bob Caviar Kim

  Kempin Smith and Jenson Mills, also known as Jay and Silent Bob, were icons of weed culture in the 90s. Their on-screen weed trading role first appeared in “The Clerk” and later became a cult category. They later appeared in other comedies in the 90s, chasing Amy, Marats, and dogma, and culminated in their own films. Jay and the silent Bob fought back. The couple appeared on the screen again on the big screen that restarted in 2019. As part of the film’s promotion, the two teamed up with Caviar Gold to launch three strains with high THC and high CBD, which were appropriately named Snoochie Boochies and Boochie. Berzerker and Snoogans. This is not the first time to get involved in cannabis games, because in 2017 they launched the Secret Stash series developed by Chemesis by Jay and Silent Bob.

  Tyson Ranch

  Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is a household name, but you don’t associate it with marijuana. In 2017, he and Rob Hickman founded Tyson Ranch in the California Desert, selling hemp flowers, pre-rolls, tinctures, gummies, and even CBD drinks.

  Belosi’s Farm

  Once, SNL actor, actor, singer, blues brother Jim Belous and his family visited the Rogue River in southern Oregon for many years and fell in love with this place. So that he eventually bought a 13-acre land and built a house there.

  Jim later added 80 acres to this land and was inspired to start growing hemp. Belushi agricultural products are now available in Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma and Illinois. They are sold under three brands, Belushi’s “Secret Stash”, “Brothers” and “Captain Jack”. Jim has reinvented himself again, and now has his own reality show “Discovery, Growing Belushi”. Houseplant

  Houseplants of Seth Logan

  Seth Rogen is known for his wisdom and satire in movies such as “Super villain” and “Pineapple Express”. In 2019, Seth Rogen and his writing and production partner Evan Goldenberg founded [0x9a8b] and Canopy Growth.

  The company initially only sold in Logan’s hometown of Canada. Before the full opening of the THC business in California earlier this year, the company had just provided a CBD product line. The company has two product lines, factory and family.

  The “Plant” series are custom-made weed varieties with unique color packaging, apparently tested by Logan. Half of “House” products are handmade household items, such as smoking accessories.

  Martha Stewart Central Business District

  Martha Stewart is another celebrity who has collaborated with the Canadian Canopy Growth Company. In 2015, the same company that helped launch the Houseplant and her friend Snoop Dogs weed series is launching the Martha Stewart CBD series. This series of foods includes drops, soft gums, and gummies with berry and citrus flavors, all of which come from 100% natural American hemp.

  With the snowball of the CBD market, it is no wonder that this business-savvy health entrepreneur is keen to enter this industry.

  Conclusion This article only mentions a few celebrities who have established their own cannabis business or customized a series of products in cooperation with well-known cannabis brands. Many of them are closely related to cannabis culture and are advocates of real change in the industry. But there are also some unexpected names, indicating that the industry is gaining wider recognition and attraction, not only as a leisure medicine, but also as a choice of medicine and lifestyle.

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