What is the spirit of the pipe?

  Where is Waldo? There are many purposes for finding spirituality on one’s own 420-day vacation; some honor religious or spiritual rituals, others commemorate historical periods of today’s significance, while others draw on national pride. Hopefully you’ve got a good quality pipe ready, because April 20th is coming up. If you have a special bond that keeps you connected to a cannabis subculture that honors the mighty weed, you’ve probably celebrated 420 days in the past. But do you “really celebrate” it, or just because it’s there, treat it like any other day, smoking weed? If you really like cannabis and appreciate its efforts to be more socially accepted, you might want to look at the origins of the festival, pay attention to the way it is observed, and find your own special story (your valdo ) as a carrier for this special day. Just grab your glass tube and let inspiration consume you like a sweet magic cloud. How did 40 days get its name? Before you can customize your own 420 Days to celebrate your unique story about cannabis, you should know the name of the day and what it means to find Valdo (no, it’s not a children’s book). In 1971, a group of people from San Rafael, Calif., chose a spot to smoke marijuana on the wall next to a statue of Lewis Ranch at the local high school, which was also the meeting point for talk of a grand plan. They must find the rumored abandoned hemp crop. The group calls itself “Waldos” and uses that name to find the hypothetical crop. After a few failed attempts, they shortened the name to “420 Louie” (since they met at 4:20 in the afternoon) and carved “420” from there. Waldos became a cult-like name. Soon, teens across the country were calling “420 hours” the high code. So what does this story teach us? Of course, you might think it’s something that can’t be found or might not even exist. But the truth is, it creates an adventure, brings people together, builds brotherhood, and fosters a free-spirited open mind to create adventure. Where is your Waldo? Every true cannabis lover has his own living space. Do you remember when you got your first handcrafted wooden pipe and lit the magic bowl? Have you had a wonderful enlightenment experience? Did you get in touch with some cool people? Have you met the love of your life? Have you found your true self? Or there might be an event related to your first token; you might be smoking a cigarette when you learn that Kennedy was assassinated. Or maybe your first kiss was when you shared a joint. The beauty is that April 20 has become an anti-mainstream American holiday where people gather to smoke marijuana, forming these massive festivals and rallies that call on many sides of nature and the mind to come forward. For example, some events are political to them, such as the statewide legalization campaign, while others form music festivals that sell or trade handcrafted pipes, pipes, or plumbing accessories to visionary groups who appreciate the arts, Now you need to connect with your inner spirit, find your own Valdo, and see what happens. Find your 420 Waldo. Think back to the first time you smoked marijuana and ask yourself the following questions: Where were you then?

  Who are you with?

  What have you been doing before lighting a cigarette?

  What did you usually deal with during that time in your life?

  What was the biggest benefit of smoking marijuana at that stage of your life?

  These questions may not seem esoteric, but the answers can set the stage for a thoughtful, meaningful 420-day experience. For example, let’s say you’re reunited with an estranged old friend and you’re wandering by the pool. You just ended a relationship with the first love of your life, and your friend introduced you to Weeds. After a few minutes, you really feel the love between you and your friend and wonder how the two of you are separated. Soon, your love for him and respect for the weeds, overcoming the grief of a failed relationship with a girl, and you begin to realize that there is a greater connection in the universe. Fast forward to 2015. You want to celebrate 420 days. Remember the first time you smoked marijuana, calling a friend and telling them the theme was “Brotherly Love, Spiritual Awakening.” You all share some good weeds. 4:20 On May 20, 2020, you asked everyone in turn to share their epiphany with the group. All stories meet love and inspiration. Claim 420 days to be your day!

  Once you find your valdo, create a 420-day party theme and share it with others. Also, be sure to celebrate the pot; try different varieties and extract smoke from different devices to find what works best for you. Just make sure you find that spiritual connection and share it with others. You never know; you can inspire them and help friends find their Waldo by mastering your abilities!

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