How to fix a broken pipe?

  For many marijuana smokers, glass tubes are a treasured possession and feature prominently in their marijuana utensils. But owning a glass bong can also be heartbreaking. If you’ve ever owned a glass bong, you’ve no doubt been worried about breaking it.

  No matter how vigilant you are, accidents can happen. Anyone who has experienced a ruptured water main will tell you that it can be painful. Over time, we naturally become associated with objects, and pipes are no exception. They represent many fond memories. I bet a lot of people who read this still remember the first pipe they bought.

  But a ruptured pipe can also be a pain in the wallet. They can spend a lot of cash to replace it. But what if there were other options?

  Glass tubes can break in a variety of ways, from minor shards and cracks to complete rupture when dropped or knocked over.

  Not everything can be repaired. However, if your water pipes are still intact and only slightly chipped, cracked, or completely broken, you can fix them yourself or with the help of a professional.

  Other times, it’s a failed business. There is no other way but to clean up the mess and buy a new one.

  Assess damage

  Because there are many ways to break the tube, there is no panacea and no solution. So, the first thing you have to do is check if the pipeline can be repaired.

  Bonbgfs can be made from a variety of materials; plastic, silicone, wood or metal are often easier to repair than ceramic or glass, which is difficult to repair, even by those skilled in blowtorches.

  Sometimes the damage is irreparable. If your bong falls to the ground and breaks into pieces, you’re out of luck. You can’t pick up the pieces and reassemble them. That being the case, it’s time to move on. But you can expect a new bong and ease the pain with some smoothing tears.

  If the downstream or drum is chipped or broken, you can replace the parts. A clean break or crack can usually be treated and repaired without much expense.

  Scotch tape

  Duct tape is suitable for all kinds of emergency repairs. If it’s the part of the hose that doesn’t get hot and just needs to stick two or three more pieces, this might be an option.

  First, you need to clean, and then dry the parts that need to be cleaned. This will ensure that the tape sticks securely. Combine parts as seamlessly as possible to provide a tight and secure fit. Then wrap the tape tightly around this area.

  If you’re in a crisis, this is a quick fix, and it’s only temporary, not for areas exposed to water.


  If duct tape doesn’t do the job, you might want to try some adhesives. Try using food-grade epoxy or silicone to make sure that whichever you decide to use won’t do you any harm. Many adhesives, such as superglue, can contain harmful chemicals that can be released when heated or immersed in water. This is a long-term solution for duct tape and is a better option if multiple damaged sections need to be repaired.

  Like duct tape, you need to make sure all parts are clean and dry and all edges are smooth before applying silicone or epoxy. If there are jagged edges, they need to be filed and then sanded to make them smooth.

  For food grade silicone and epoxy, prepare the silicone according to the instructions on the package. Then carefully spread along the crack. Then press the pieces together and wait for it to set.

  If you can’t find food-grade epoxy or silicone, a two-part epoxy may be more suitable. This epoxy consists of a resin and a curing agent. Make sure the product you buy is heat-resistant and can stick to glass, but don’t use it in areas that are still immersed in water or directly heated.

  what can’t be used

  Tape, silicone, and some epoxy are all viable ways to repair pipes. They’re not perfect, but better than many other options that some people have tried.

  Things you shouldn’t try to repair pipes include superglue, putty, and other similar sealants. Super glue is a no-no. First, it won’t stick to the glass, which is obviously a problem if you’re trying to repair a glass tube. Even more troublesome than that, it contains harmful chemicals that are toxic to humans. Some other glues do work on glass, but many of them contain harmful substances that you don’t want anywhere on the inside of your body.

  Seek professional help.

  If the damage to the pipe is too severe for you to fix yourself, then you may need to call in a professional to fix it.

  The price of a broken glass tube usually depends on three main factors: the severity of the damage, the material used, and the experience and time required by the maintenance staff.

  Most skilled glassblowers can use blowtorches and kilns to repair glass tubes. They will ask you to remove any temporary repairs and make sure all parts are thoroughly cleaned.

  If it’s a cracked or damaged interface or downstream, they can usually heat the part and melt it back into the pipe or replace it completely. In many cases, cracked or damaged bases can be removed and replaced, and even larger bases can be added to prevent pipes from tipping over in the future.

  Most of these repair services are happy to give you a free quote before starting work. You can email or message them some pictures of the damage and they’ll be able to give you an idea of ​​how much it will cost to fix it.

  Professional help can be expensive, but it can also ensure your plumbing is properly seated the first time, much less expensive than buying a replacement.

  You can always make your own pipeline while waiting for maintenance to complete.

  Depending on where you live, there may be a plethora of glass repair shops to choose from, or you may need to do some research.

  You might try asking your local head office if they know of any glass studios or artists that do repairs. A search on Instagram can help you find a repairman.

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