What Is the Greatest Percent of Nicotine in Vape Juice? A Short Guide

Nicotine is one of the most vital active ingredients in vape juices, and for newbies, choosing the ideal level is essential in order to having fun vaping. That’s why on today’s blog we speak about the duty that pure nicotine plays in the vaping experience as well as address common questions like what the greatest percent of nicotine in vape juice is as well as what pure nicotine degree you ought to vape at.

How Nicotine Influences the Vaping Experience

Nicotine, when it concerns vaping, can really affect the vaping experience. For instance, way too much pure nicotine can create a strong throat struck that will certainly make it more challenging to enjoy any kind of kind of vape juice, no matter if the taste is a treat or something sweeter. It will certainly also make it more difficult to swallow the vapor. That’s why the more nicotine that is utilized in a vape juice, the more difficult it will certainly be to vape.

Just recently there is a new kind of nicotine called TFN (tobacco-free pure nicotine or synthetic pure nicotine), whose suppliers declare it is purer as well as cleaner given that it is made in a laboratory as well as not extracted from tobacco. TFN makers also declare that due to the fact that it has less pollutants, there is more area for the flavors to beam, making the vape juice more flavorful.

TFN and also natural nicotine, or the nicotine made use of in conventional vape juices, coincide, except for the reality that one is made in a research laboratory and one is made by being removed from the cigarette plant. Nevertheless, there is one more sort of nicotine that exists that truly alters exactly how you experience vaping, called pure nicotine salts, which we will explore in the next area.

Nicotine Salts vs. Freebase Pure Nicotine

Pure nicotine salts, or nic salts, is naturally occurring pure nicotine that has been chemically altered to be a lot more bioabsorbable by our bodies. What this simply means is that the body takes in as well as intakes this sort of nicotine quicker right into the blood stream than standard vape juice, which makes use of naturally taking place pure nicotine (also called freebase pure nicotine). Because of this, nicotine salts are much more potent and also much less of it is needed to achieve a pure nicotine buzz.

Because pure nicotine salts are more powerful, they inherently have greater nicotine content, although they can be found in lower amounts. And since they have actually been chemically changed, they are made particularly for capsule systems, which aren’t as effective as box mods that can get to extremely high vaping temperature levels. If one were to try nicotine salts with a box mod, one would certainly feel a strong pure nicotine rush since pure nicotine salts just require a reduced temperature level to be delivered into your body.

However, for some vapers, nicotine salts have excessive pure nicotine, aren’t as complicated in taste as regular vape juice, and also don’t produce adequate clouds.

The Highest Percent of Nicotine in Pure Nicotine Salts

So just how much nicotine remains in a vape? well all of it depends on the type of pure nicotine you utilize. For pure nicotine salts, it’s common to see the complying with pure nicotine levels:

  • 25 mg
  • 35 mg
  • 50 mg

But various vape juice suppliers make use of different quantities for their products, so the array is more probable in between 20-60 mg.

The Highest Percent of Pure Nicotine in Conventional Vape Juice

The greatest percentage of pure nicotine in conventional vape juice is much lower. As an example, one of the most usual nicotine levels with freebase pure nicotine are the following:

  • 0 mg
  • 3 mg
  • 6 mg
  • 12 mg

Nonetheless, just like with nicotine salts, the exact numbers can differ, so the variety is more detailed to 0-18 mg.

Which Degree Should You Use?

Since you know which is the greatest pure nicotine vape juice, you could wonder if mosting likely to the highest possible stamina would be the right move for you. As well as the response is that it depends on many things. Pure nicotine tolerance can vary depending on for how long you have actually been vaping, exactly how fast your body processes nicotine and also your age can play a role. So our best suggestions is to start reduced and slowly enhance up until you feel you have actually reached your perfect nicotine degree, where the vape juice is not as well extreme and is perfect. You might additionally transform to nicotine salts because the pure nicotine rush occurs quicker.


We hope that with this short overview, we have actually responded to the inquiry of what is the highest amount of pure nicotine that can be located in vape juice. If you intend to learn more, we have an even more thorough overview called Vape Juice Pure nicotine Levels: Which Is Best For You, where we discuss every little thing from nicotine salts to nicotine degrees and also their cigarette equivalent.

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