What is the glass bongs collector?

In recent years, recyclers have taken the smoking industry by storm with their innovative functions and the overall structure of the smoke gun itself. These smoke guns use a two-chamber system and an air intake pipe to move steam-containing water up through the components, and then recirculate back down. Recyclers not only provide users with smooth water filtration and inhalation, but also effectively cool the steam. Many users now prefer reclaimers to any other smoke guns because of their additional filtering characteristics. Due to its unparalleled hit rate and various functions, the collector is very suitable for beginners and veterans. The working principle of these special small smoke guns is to fill the base with water and load your goods into the lower rod or nail. Once you ignite, the smoke will pass through the lower rod into the base chamber, where it will interact with the water The mixture is filtered and then passed upward through the inlet pipe into the second chamber. When the water falls back to the bottom chamber, the steam is released near the mouthpiece and then circulates through. The process itself is very interesting, you can watch it all with crystal clear borosilicate glass, it is really beautiful. The steam-containing water will be processed through the recycler as many times as needed, or until you are ready to take a breath of sweet smoke. Recyclers almost always install a percolator at the bottom of the lower stem to make the filtration effect better. There are many types of percolator on the market today, which can provide you with different filtration processes to choose from.

  Why glass water bongs are perfect for you

   In addition to providing the smoothest clicks, Recycler is perfect in many ways. Most recyclers have two chambers, so you can not only see the water being recycled, but also act as a splash guard, so it is almost impossible to splash water into your mouth. Another advantage provided by water filtration is that it allows less time for steam to contact air. The longer the smoke interacts with the air, the older it will become, so the recycler can not only provide you with the smoothest smoke, but also the most delicious smoke.

   Have you used glass smoking bongs, maybe you can try and see, it will be a different experience from your previous smoking.

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