How to choose glass bongs for beginners?

Save yourself some time. Think about what you want before going shopping. It will help you slide left on the chimney that is not worth the time. The following are some of the key attributes that need to be considered when choosing a water gun. What are the criteria for choosing Bong

  What is a price tag?

  Perhaps the only thing more important than getting a good cigarette is to buy one that you can afford. If you have money to spend, you might as well start with the best bong brand.

   The average smoke gun cost is 50 to 100 US dollars. More expensive options may come with accessories. Before investing in an expensive smoking gun, consider whether you really need all these extras. There are plenty of smoke guns for under $50.

   Is it the size?

   Choosing the right size of the smoking gun boils down to three main factors:

   where would you smoke

   Where will you store the parts

   your vital capacity

   The average pipe length is about 10-14 inches. It is small enough to fit in a travel bag and is easy to carry around. However, this size may be too large for a prominent smoker.

   It is difficult to tear a 1-foot-long chimney in public without paying attention to yourself. You may not be able to store such a large object under the bed. A smaller portable smoke gun may be more suitable for your smoking needs.

   On the contrary, all-day smokers who like to smoke all day may like high smoke. These tend to have larger bowls to hold more cannabis. High-smokers are very suitable for experienced smokers, who have enough lung capacity to clean cigarette butts. With such a large hose, the novice may cough violently, and it is higher than expected.

   What is this made of?

   The material used to make the smoking gun is very important in the decision-making process. Each material is different in durability, heat retention and flavor.

   acrylic fiber bong

   Acrylic pipes are often the cheapest. They are made of plastic, which means you may inhale toxic substances. Plastic will also change the taste of cannabis. These types of smoking guns are somewhat durable. However, if dropped in the wrong way, they may shatter.

   metal bong

   Metal pipes are the most durable, but the least popular. This material retains heat. Therefore, the user can dispose of the smoke gun to burn himself after smoking for a long time.

   Silicone bong

   Silicone gun is very suitable for our day trip. These smoking guns are often foldable, so you can easily stuff them into any suitcase. This material is also very durable.   Silica gel does not keep warm. Therefore, you can easily pack and leave. However, the first few cigarettes may taste a bit rubbery. Over time, you will burn it.

   ceramic products thc vape pens

   In terms of maintaining flavor, ceramic smoke pots are the best material. This material takes a while to heat up, so your THC will not burn indoors. You will taste the fragrance of various fruits or flowers in the flower buds in a ceramic smoking pot.

  Glass water pipes

   glass is the most common material for smoking pipes. It is non-toxic and will not change the taste of weeds. Not all glass is the same. Make sure to use a smoke gun made of scientific glass or borosilicate glass to prevent damage to your equipment. These materials are not indestructible, but they can withstand a sound or two!

   becomes symmetrical

   Bongs come in many shapes, which can bring a unique smoking experience. Both have many advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing a good smoking gun for you, please carefully weigh these options.

   glass water pipes – very stable foundation, easy to hold, AF looks cool

  Straight glass water pipes – very suitable for Bong Clearers, professionals who don’t need to see their lighting

   Although the smoking gun can make you super excited, many people switch from the hand tube because they want better filtration. The water basin is filled with water that cools the smoke. This process can protect the taste of your buds and your taste buds from being burnt. Without water, you might as well stick to an ordinary hand tube. Most smoking guns have a joint with at least a diffuser lower rod. As soon as the marijuana is ignited, the spreading lower stem will begin the filtration process. What makes bongs so interesting is that you can add accessories to them…unless they are acrylic. These smoking guns are not compatible with many interesting toys!

   For those who want to hit smoothly every time, the multi-chamber smoker is a good choice. Although they are a bit expensive, the investment is ultimately cost-effective. These types of smoke guns can recycle your smoke. You will get a continuous cycle of purifying smoke until you clear it!

  The disappearing bowling ball

   Your smoking time is sometimes dominated by the bowl. Before choosing your next smoker, please consider your smoking habits. A pipe with a small bowl is suitable for lone smokers. You can pack a little more, but it won’t take a whole day to complete. Medium to large bowls are perfect for strategic smokers who like to repeat for a few seconds and a third. They are the ideal size to corner your bowl so you don’t waste weeds. However, if you eat a whole bowl at once, you will not feel like a glutton. Then there is the big bottom bowl. These party bowls are used to pass. Fill it up, light it up, and pass it!

   Choose the best Bong for beginners

   8 inch beaker Bong’s new smoker can’t go wrong. This is a basic smoking gun without any intimidating accessories. This smoking gun is made of durable glass. Therefore, you will not exchange it for a more durable model in a few months. It has an ice clip to help cool the smoke. This feature is also a good introduction for filtering novices, who may want to learn more accessories on the road.

   There are many reasons to choose the best filter rod for good filtration. It can prevent you from coughing badly. In addition, the cooling smoke allows you to truly enjoy the unique flavor of each bud strain.

   We are the happier type, especially when you are a habitual smoker. Make sure you are cool every time. With its horn-shaped mouthpiece, you can easily swallow all the sounds until the smoke dissipates. This makes the lungs easier and allows you to absorb more THC.

   Choose the best Bong in your budget

   Sometimes you have to prioritize your finances. Don’t want to spend all your weed money on smoking things? We heard it! There are many affordable glass weed bongs that can do this, and will last for a while, with the least amount of money to buy the most suitable What a happy and satisfying thing is that!

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