Unique LOOKAH glass pipes

  glass water pipes is a new product in our online vaping store. This is an absolutely unique product for your maximum smoking pleasure. You can be one of the first smokers to own this hand-blown masterpiece. Have you ever seen a piece like this? It’s a bubbler with two naughty bees

  One bee sits on a water tank and the second bee is looking directly at the bowl containing the burning smoking substance. You enjoy a direct hit from the bee’s sting, how exciting! glass tobacco pipes are decorated with “dripping honey”.

  The glass spoon pipes are true glass masterpieces, hand-blown by our experienced glass blowers in our glass factory in the Czech Republic (Central Europe). We use durable and heat resistant Pyrex glass and the highest quality colors.

  Glass on glass bubbler naughty bees

  How to use unique glass pipes

  glass pipes for sale combines the functionality of a water gun with the size of a glass pipe. glass smoking pipes can be handled with only one hand, which is one of the biggest advantages. Smoking with a hand-blown glass bubbler is pleasant because the hot smoke is cooled by water. glass pipes for sale near me is equipped with a glass removable bowl/slider on a piece of glass. The bowl has a handle (shaped like a bee) for easy handling. There is a hole at the end of the stem.

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