LOOKAH dab rigs

  best dab rigs – our online tobacco store offers a new quality range. mothership dab rigs are available in four colors – blue, black, pink and brown.

  Spiral percolator for the best smoking experience

  micro dab rigs are a high quality glass-on-glass vape. They are made of very strong and thick glass. The amazing design and its properties provide the best smoking experience ever.

  The water pipe has an ice holder installed in the throat. You can put some ice cubes to cool down while smoking – highly recommended.

  Blue oil dab rigs TL Pink spiral penetrator Bong TL

  Price includes a removable glass bowl and two pieces of glass on the lower stem. The bowl is equipped with a glass handle for easy handling. If you prefer to use the carb hole from time to time instead of the detachable bowl, you can open a rubber stopper and the carb hole is located on the left side directly above the water chamber.

  Custom dab rigs and their functions

  Each dab rigs cheap is equipped with a screw percolator above the main water chamber. The second floor has an additional smoke screen. percolator Bongs are water pipes designed for experienced smokers. The internal percolator provides two water filtration cycles, which basically means that it cools the smoke better than a classic water pipe.

  Brown small dab rigs TL black spiral percolator Bong TL

  The glass dab rigs are basically additional water chambers placed in the spindle of the smoke pipe of the glass percolator. It is used to pass the smoke through the water a second time. Once a vacuum is formed, the smoke is drawn into the glass air pocket above the water level and pushed underwater through several small holes. dab rigs for sale allows for better filtration of smoke, creating a more enjoyable and effective glass smoking experience.

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