The most popular quartz rod in 2021

  This year is full of new stick designs and upgrades, and we have to redo the ranking of the best seasonal sticks in 2019. Since Puking Beagle released the hot rod, the nail-shooting game has been taken away. Fast forward to today, now we have flat barrels, opacity, bottom, timing inserts, pat pearls and other evil stick designs that you must see.

  The following are the best timing bars of 2021:

  1. Pearl with rotating cap

  The terp pearl with a rotating cap combination is the latest tapping method and one of the most advanced smoking methods today. When these little “pearls” are combined with the directional carbohydrate cap, the ball will spin around the stick and stir the oil, so you don’t need to manually pick up and rotate/adjust the carbohydrate cap to redirect the airflow to completely evaporate.

  2. Opaque bottom bar

  The stick in time, the stick in the future. The thick and opaque bottom strip is designed to change color when it is hot, so you can better know when to start tapping by knowing it accurately. This indestructible piece is made of 100% high quality timely, it can be heated in a few seconds and held for 60 seconds!

  3. Inclined bar

  I believe you can guess what is so great about this lollipop. As the name suggests, it has a beveled edge to form a better seal with the blisters. I think this style will be more popular because it is still very new, but we like the firmness of the hat on the bucket.

  4. Let’s get hot

  The hot rod with bubble cap is still a wonderful experience because it can reach all the puddles. This stick is very effective when it comes to the big tap that fills the entire cup. Observe the directional airflow to evaporate the oil with minimal heat loss.

  5. Splash bar

  This is one of the newest entries in the list, the splash screen. This will prevent the oil from rising directly and spilling onto your rig. So far, it seems to have been well received by the DAB community.

  6. Core explosion

  This iron core reactor is one of the common new nails of the DAB society. This nail from AFM has a flat top design, but there is an extra solid spring at the bottom of the board, which is the core. This will keep the heat longer because the crank cover pushes the air around the core to move the puddles, evaporating every bit of oil.

  7. Original Timely Stick

  The timely sausage is still the king of the nails, it is still the king. With so many different carbohydrate lid options, glass rods are always the first choice. Above, we have one of the most popular and effective carbohydrate caps, the directional airflow carbohydrate cap.

  8.Terp Slurp Banger

  Tepslop sausage with 25mm blisters is a good choice. As the darling of the nail market, this nail stick is different from any current nail stick on the market today, and can provide you with the best concentrated flavor. This design ensures that all your wax and oil are evaporated, they all drip into the bottom plate and the airflow slits on the bottom plate, allowing the air to push the wax back to the main part of the terp slurper banger for evaporation. Add this to your next sesh and you will be the life of the party.

  9. Cold start lever

  Cold start sticks are becoming more and more popular, which seems to be a good idea. We are still working hard to solve this problem, but with the popularity of cold-start dabs, it will definitely climb up.

  10. Diamond ring

  There are some important innovations here. The diamond ring stick is a 3-piece set of seasonal nails. It includes a stick, a detachable glass knot ring and a hat. The hat we recommend is the imperial bee bubble hat. For people who like to apply a lot, this design is incredible. The oil will circulate through the loops to minimize waste.

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