Review Lookah Q7

  As early as March, Lookah launched their new Q7 portable electronic nail vaporizer on their Instagram for the first time, and we can’t wait to activate it immediately. Q7’s patented timely disc technology guarantees high-quality taste and complete flavor. Its compatibility with any water pipe seems to be very convenient. You can switch between your own collection and your friend’s collection. The promise is great, but the huge 2000 mAh battery seems suitable for the job. Months have passed, but we finally have one and we will test it.


  This electronic nail is very compact. Don’t worry about wires or wires, this is a huge advantage for me personally. It is less than 4 inches high, so it can be easily placed in a bag or purse for easy transportation. As mentioned earlier, this powerful concentrating evaporator has a 2000 mAh battery, a fixed voltage output of 3.7, and can maintain a constant temperature between 200 degrees Fahrenheit and 750 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 seconds.

  OLED screen display and temperature adjustment buttons are easy to navigate. The screen displays battery life, set temperature, actual temperature and timer. The following are simple buttons for adjusting the set temperature. It is designed as an accessory for any glass water pipe, with a standard 14mm connector and an attached 18mm cap, which can be converted.

  Q7, DAB tool, mini USB cable for charging, user manual and 18 mm converter are all included in the purchase. Be sure to read the manual thoroughly before use, but it is very simple. It is broken.

  How does it work-simple!

  First, open the lid and put the wax into the seasonal tray.

  Tap the power button 5 times to turn on the device.

  Use the and-buttons on the device to select the desired temperature.

  Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, it will vibrate to let you know that the warm-up has started.

  After warming up, Q7 will vibrate again, indicating that it has reached the set temperature and is ready to hit the ball. You will now have 60 seconds of continuous heating time, indicated by the number at the bottom of the OLED screen, and then it will stop heating and return to standby mode.

  Generally speaking, these instructions are very clear and easy to follow when using the device for the first time. Q7 has a very low learning curve and you can quickly understand its functions. To check the operation of the equipment, please view the video below, which was introduced in detail by High Society NV, and then try it on the camera.

  Our verdict

  We like it! Although it will never replace my current daily driver settings, grabbing this nail and a small travel device will be a perfect match. I have also considered this possibility for those friends who may not have electric drills/flashlights but have flashlights. Now I can easily convert it to all of us. The versatility of the device is unparalleled in this regard. I want to mention again that this nail is not connected! An accident will happen when the cable runs through the room. If you know that something will be knocked down, it will be a blessing. Before Q7, most of the “wireless” electronic nails I saw were just a battery holder, and you need to purchase additional plumbing accessories. These do not provide the maximum diffusion that a full-size water pipe can provide.

  Temperature control is easy to navigate, in increments of 5 degrees, to achieve crazy temperature control. I think one minute is enough to tear it many times. If not, you can easily start the heating process again. It can handle the second use, but don’t start the cycle continuously, or it may overheat.

  Lookah’s Q7 is a nice new addition to Badass Glass’s ever-growing catalog. After testing, we are confident to add Q7 to our website, and can’t wait to wait for others to try it. Click the button below to order now!

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