Simple and easy to make gravity smoke gun and pen barrel

A favorite of connoisseurs of cannabis air in water pipes, gravity bongs and pen tubes best water pipes are great for saving your supplies and fun at parties! But how do you make gravity wands and pen tubes? Let’s take a look at these steps .

How to make gravity rod water pipes

  Step 1: Collect your lead water pipes. You need a large container, a small bottle (2 liters), aluminum foil, scissors, needles, lighter and herbs.

   Step 2: Take scissors and cut off the bottom of the 2 liter bottle.

   Step 3: Take scissors and cut off the top of the container.

  Step 4: Fill the container with water.

  Step 5: Remove the lid from the 2-liter bottle, and dig a hole as big as the pink in the lid.

  Step 6: Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around your pink and add it to the hole in the hat. Then press the end of the aluminum foil around the lid. This hat will serve as your bowl. Now add the bowl to the 2 liter bottle.

   Step 7: Poke a few holes in the tin foil with a needle.

  Step 8: Put the 2 liter bottle into a container filled with water and put it into a bowl.

  Step 9: Light the bowl and pull up the 2 liter water bottle with your tongue so that smoke will form.

  Step 10: Take out the bowl.

  Step 11: Inhale the smoke while pressing the bottle. Repeat this process as needed.

  How to make heat tape for water pipes

   This can be done in less than a minute, so it is a good choice if you use it when time is tight.

  Step 1: Collect your supplies. You need a pen, a lighter and tape (optional).

   Step 2: Take an easily removable pen and remove the ink tank.

  Step 3: Place the pen tip on the pen tip, contrary to the way it is usually placed on the pen.

  Step 4: Fill the nib with hemp and stick the nib on the pen for support.

  Step 5: Light the pen tip and inhale from the other side of the pen.

We make lead water pipes and water pipes and bongs in some simple and small ways. What simple and fun small productions do we usually have. Gravity smoke guns and pen barrels are worth trying. If you have other fun little works, you can also leave a message with us.

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