Can you make water pipes yourself?

Do you make your own pipes? What materials do you use to make it? Do you know what characteristics these materials have when heated? Let’s take a look together.

  Copper frozen water pipes

   I really hope that no one is still using copper to make pipes. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, when I first started smoking, it was very popular. Copper emits toxic fumes when heated. You certainly don’t want to inhale these fumes into your precious lungs, do you?

   plastic lead water pipes

  Who didn’t make a smoking gun out of plastic bottles? I made about thirty yuan in my life. There is nothing wrong with the manufactured plastic smoking gun, but the taste is not good. It’s not a good idea to smoke from a plastic bottle you make yourself, especially if you do it often. Unless you are using metal or glass slides and lower bars, you are basically sucking plastic. Disgusting, buddy.

  Nickel water bubbler pipes

  Nickel is not as common as it used to be. Usually, if you are going to a hardware store to buy smoking material, then you can find it here. Nickel is cheaper, so it has a lot of impurities, of course you don’t want to inhale it. Even some cheap metal pipes you can buy from cigarette shops can be nickel plated, so be careful when buying cheap metal pipes. If you like to make metal tubes, please make sure that none of the parts you buy are nickel-free.

  PVCunfreeze water pipes

   Hope we all know how toxic PVC is now. If you don’t know, then you know now. The use of PVC to make pipes or pipes was once very popular, because PVC pipe is obviously a good cavity shape. PVC is another material that emits toxic fumes when heated. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is one of the most common synthetic plastics. So if you smoke with PVC, you are actually smoking synthetic plastic, which sounds terrible.

   Aluminum acrylic water pipes

   I used to think that the aluminum can tube is like the coming-of-age ceremony of every stone man. Usually, the first homemade pipe you make is made from aluminum cans, and then you move on to something bigger and better, such as making pipes from empty wine bottles. It turns out that smoking from aluminum is highly toxic, and I would always recommend it to be an idiot. Let us leave the old aluminum can smoking where it belongs.

   galvanized metal type of water pipes

   I don’t know why some people use galvanized metal to make pipes, but when you heat it, galvanized metal fumes are also highly toxic. Likewise, if you like to make a smoking tool, please pay attention to the type of metal you decide to use.

   When you make a pipe by yourself, the first thing to consider is whether it is toxic after heating, whether it will harm your body, and the difficulty of making the pipe. I hope we can all have the pipes we want to have.

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