ow do you flavor titanium dab rigs nails?

There is nothing shameful in some unfamiliar dab rigs, even experienced best dab rigs who want to further improve themselves on this topic. Life is a learning process, and there is a good result for yourself, the process is not important. Since enjoying the concentrate is very different from traditional dry herb vaporizers smoking, there are many tips and tricks to learn. One of the techniques is to season the titanium nails before use. The various benefits and processes of how to season titanium nails are discussed here.

   Why use titanium electric dab rigs?

   What is the difference between titanium, glass, ceramics, quartz…? In short, titanium nails are designed to withstand heavy use, including drops or impacts on hard surfaces. Unlike quartz and glass, titanium also retains heat well. Titanium will never be affected by thermal stress like ceramics, and it will heat up faster.

   When buying titanium nails, it is important to look for quality rather than frugality. Some manufacturers cut corners and add chemicals and other filler materials to their titanium, which may be toxic or even carcinogenic when inhaled. Look for grade 2 or 3 titanium when buying nails, and always buy from trusted sources. You can use a good product for a longer period of time and have a better experience. It may be a little bit more expensive when you buy a good product, but the value it creates will be far more valuable.

   Why do you want to season your nails?

   Before we show you how to season titanium nails, it is best to understand the various benefits of doing so. There are many uses for flavoring nails. The first purpose of seasoning is to improve the taste of steam from new nails, just as seasoning a cast iron pot can improve the taste. The related process of flavoring titanium nails requires heating the nails to open the pores of the metal, and then coating the surface with oily or resin materials to reduce the metallic taste that these items may produce. If you don’t add seasonings, titanium nails will have this situation.

The second purpose of seasoning is to disinfect and clean titanium nails to protect them from any impurities generated during the nail manufacturing process. This prevents the new nails experienced by some patrons, which are usually related to chemical and toxic smells.

   Last but not least, the oil can slip off the surface of the new titanium nail. If you don’t season it first, you will have to do your best to stay in place. It’s better to use a little now to season the nails instead of losing the first few taps on a smooth surface.

  How to season titanium custom dab rigs nails

   There are two effective and safe ways to season your new titanium domeless nails. The first method is hands-on operation, it takes about 10-15 minutes to process and withdraw the nail. First, burn your nails to red and hot, taking care not to overheat. Take a small amount of oil and apply it to the surface, use your tap to manipulate the oil. If the nail is too hot, the oil will simply evaporate and the heat has a chance to fill the pores of the metal. Repeat this process 3-5 times, allowing the nails to cool down each time.

   The second way to season titanium nails is perfect for even the laziest people. First heat the oven to 400 degrees. When heating in the oven, apply a thin layer of oil to the unheated nails. Put your nails upright in the oven for 15-20 minutes, taking care not to let the oil smoke. If you see smoke, it means the nails are too hot and the oil is evaporating.

   Either of these two methods can quickly and effectively season your titanium nails. Feel free to use recycled oil for any flavoring application. Avoid flavoring techniques that encourage you to use water, and do not put titanium nails in an alcohol solution for recycling, as this may increase oxidation.

This is only part of the method of using cool dab rigs, if you have a good method, you can add it to it, and we will develop its diversity together. What a meaningful thing this will be!

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