How often should I change the BONG water?

It takes less than 24 hours to form a biofilm in stagnant water, so you should replace the dirty water regularly. In other words, change your tap water every day. This helps ensure that you are free of any pathogens that may start to grow in the water.

  The danger of not cleaning the pipe

   Bong water that remains constant for a period of time can be compared to stagnant water or water that sits in one place and does not move or flow. Such water is a perfect breeding ground for parasites, bacteria, insects and even molds.

   Tobacco bottles containing dirty water provide perfect conditions for bacteria to multiply. Such conditions include:

   water or humid environment

  Nutrition provided by surplus plant resin of smoked herbs

  The surface area required for growth

  These conditions can lead to the growth of harmful pathogens, such as mold in your pipe. These pathogens are known to cause the development of respiratory diseases.

   These pathogens will soon infiltrate your glass pipe and grow. After a day of not cleaning the cigarette pot, a biofilm will form on the water. Biofilms are essentially evidence that microorganisms are thriving in your water.

   Smoking with dirty water will introduce these difficult-to-treat organisms and pathogens directly into your lungs. These microorganisms are not just a nuisance-they are a health risk. Studies have shown that at least 80% of diseases that affect vital organs are caused by microorganisms that grow from biofilms.

   Here are some examples of these pathogens:



   Escherichia coli

   Pseudomonas aeruginosa


   black mold


   Then, how often should you change the water to avoid mold in your pipe? How about learning how to remove mold from the pipe?

   If these steps do not work on your glass spray gun or tap oil rig, and there is still mold in your spray gun, it means that you need to use glass spray gun cleaner for deeper cleaning.

   The following are some of the main signs that you need to replace dirty water:

   You have detected an unpleasant smell or an unpleasant smell.

   You noticed that the water changed color. If your watering can is black, pink, gray, green, or white, you need to replace it. This discoloration means the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria.

  You will see the accumulation of plant resin.

  You will see floating particles in your water.

   If you are a smoker, you may already be familiar with the effectiveness of glass pipes or tapping devices. Without this great invention, you can hardly imagine enjoying your smoking process, which is correct.

   When we smoke, water filtration is necessary to protect our overall health. It helps clean smoke by removing harmful compounds, providing a safer and more effective overall smoking experience.

   However, few people regularly change their smoke pot water, and even fewer people know the health effects of such negligence (think mold in your smoke pot and more). Of course, the combination of dirty pipe water and dirty pipe will also affect the taste of dried herbs and ruin your smoking experience.

  How to clean the pipe

   When replacing the spray gun water, please clean the spray gun or tap the device thoroughly, and then add clean fresh water to it. Here are a few simple steps on how to remove mold from pipes:

   Pour out the dirty water, and then rinse your pipe or tap device several times with clean water.

  Be sure to use hot water when flushing your pipe. When cleaning dirty water, pay careful attention to the bowl and down tube.

   Take out the bowl and set it aside. Next, remove the valve stem and put it in a plastic bag.

   Add salt and rubbing alcohol to the bowl. Use an old soft brush to clean the inside of the bowl. Pour out the dirty mixture and add fresh alcohol and salt. After blocking the opening, shake the mixture and leave it in the bowl to help remove stubborn stains.

   Add salt and alcohol to the smoke pot. After clogging the opening, shake the mixture to help remove any dirt and residue left by the dirty faucet.

   Add salt and alcohol to the plastic bag with the lower stem and shake it well. Salt can scrub and help remove stains and dirt.

   If there are stains, let the mixture sit for a while before emptying the bag.

   After you are sure that the pipette, bowl, and handle are clean, pour out each mixture.

   Rinse each piece several times with warm water until it is clean.

   After finishing rinsing, let each piece air dry before reassembling.

   After drying, add clean fresh water and enjoy!

   Let us develop the good habit of cleaning the pipe and changing the bong water regularly, so that we can enjoy a better taste and healthier smoking.

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