How do newbies use e-cigarette pens?

Consider using e-cigarette pens for the first time and want to know how they work? When you are holding an e-cigarette now, do you want to figure out what to do next? Don’t worry, we will show you how to use e-cigarette pens . Vape pens are affordable, simple and attractive to newcomers. Some allow you to quickly replace the ink cartridges and then turn on the pen with one click, making the whole process easier.

 The following are the working principles of vape pens, how to use them, and some professional tips we give you.

  How does the electronic cigarette pen work?

The design of Vape pen is quite simple. They usually have the following parts:



Chamber of Commerce

Heating element

   open button

   When the button is pressed or the electronic cigarette pen is activated, the heating element will turn on and vaporize your oil, concentrate or wax into steam, which is discharged through the suction nozzle.

   Since cbd vape pens are very small, you may need to replace the battery to extend the time of vape pens for oil.

  How to use Vape Pen better

   This is the first time to use an e-cigarette pen.

  Step 1: Charge the battery of the electronic cigarette pen

   Although most vape pens have enough batteries to start up, you may want to charge them fully. This will give you a better understanding of battery life and provide you with enough space to play with it.

  Most e-cigarette pens can be easily charged through the USB port. Many e-cigarette pens will have an indicator light or display to let you know when the battery is fully charged.

  Step 2: Load your e-cigarette pen materials

   No matter what kind of e-cigarette pen (wax, ink cartridge and/or dried herbs) you have, you need to put it in.

   Some vape pens will have a cavity to load, while others use disposable cartridges to make it easier. These are usually located behind the mouthpiece, so you may have to unscrew it to enter the chamber.

   If you need to put the material in the vape pen, please use the manufacturer’s instructions to know how much to put in, and don’t overfill the cavity.

   If you have crayons, use the smear tool to get a grain of wax the size of a grain of rice, and then carefully put it in the wax chamber. You can pinch the herb to fill the dried herb e-cigarette, or put a few drops of oil in a concentrated e-cigarette pen.

   Then, put the mouthpiece back in place, making sure that there is no leakage and the mouthpiece is screwed back correctly.

  Step 3: Choose your e-cigarette pen temperature

   Some more advanced electronic cigarette pens provide you with multiple temperature settings. If this is the case with your pen, you can manually select your favorite one.

  The temperature varies with the type of e-cigarette pen and personal preference, but if you have any questions, you can usually skip this step. Your vape pen will almost certainly be set at a sufficient temperature setting for you to start using it.

  Step 4: Come and smoke with your e-cigarette pen

   Most models will have a button to start the vape pen, while other models will automatically open when you start drawing, just like de KandyPens Rubi Vaporizer.

   When you start to inhale the e-cigarette, activate your e-cigarette pen. Most vape pens are more suitable for fast and short-time drawing, rather than long and slow ones. There is no need to hold your breath. After the inhalation is complete, consciously exhale to expel all the vapor from the lungs. Then breathe fresh air.

There are two main inhalation methods:

  Mouth to Lung (MTL)

   Just before using the e-cigarette pen, put the tip of your tongue against your lips. Then, pull the tongue to the back of the mouth and take a puff of smoke. You can hold the steam for a few seconds, then inhale it into your lungs for tasting, and cool it down if necessary.

   When used like this, a smaller and cheaper e-cigarette pen works better.

   directly to lung (DTL)

   Inhale directly into the lungs like a straw. This method brings vapor directly to your lungs and allows you to inhale more vapor.

   You can find larger and more expensive e-cigarette pens optimized for this method.

   If this is your first time using an e-cigarette pen, please take a break and then another draw. Wait about 10 minutes to see how you feel and evaluate whether you want to continue.

  Step 5: Store your e-cigarette pen correctly

   After smoking is over, it is important to understand how to store the e-cigarette pen correctly.

  Some e-cigarette pens can be stored on the charger for next use, instead of putting the e-cigarette pen anywhere. However, please be careful not to overcharge the e-cigarette pen for too long, as this will damage the battery like any other electronic device.

   Please remember to disassemble and clean your evaporator regularly to keep it in perfect condition. Check out our cleaning accessories to see what suits your evaporator.

   Vape Pen Pro Tips

  When using the electronic cigarette pen, please remember:

  E-cigarette pens do not like humidity, so please store e-cigarette pens in a dry and clean environment.

   If you do not plan to use the e-cigarette pen for a long time, please empty the e-cigarette pen and clean the e-cigarette pen before storing.

   If someone hands you a weed vape pens, ask what’s in it. Herbs are generally not as concentrated and powerful as oils and waxes.

   If you feel too hot, do not use cheap vape pens. Wait for it to cool to room temperature and take another breath.

E-cigarette pens are affordable, and there are many choices, which are convenient to carry around. It is the first choice of young people now. We hope that our instructions will be helpful to you, so that you can better enjoy the feeling of smoking e-cigarettes.

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