How much is a glass bong?

For many smokers, glass Water Pipes is a favorite. Therefore, a lot of people have been asking how much glass Smoking Pipes can be bought, what kind of glass weed pipes is better, and where can cheap glass spoon pipes be bought and so on. When you ask about the price of cheap glass Pipes? Congratulations, you have realized that there are many different kinds of Custom glass pipes with different prices.

Of all the gadgets, glass Bongs seem to be one of the most popular for smoking. Glass Pipes and Bongs are available in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Water Bongs Glass Pipes can provide us with more options.

So what’s the average cost of a glass Bongs, and what’s the cost of a glass tube? The cost of Bong depends on the type of Bong and its quality.

The answer to “How much for a glass Pipes and Bongs” is not simple, so here’s a rough overview of costs based on size, materials and shape.

$5 to $20 – If you are looking for something small, this lower price range will buy you a very good bubbler. Smaller silicone guns can also cost about $20, but any Water Bongs Glass Pipes for that price will be small and brittle.

$20 to $80 – This price range will give you a medium, high quality bong. Depending on where you shop, you can find a filter with a single filter for that price.

$80 – $300 – In this price range you can find large Glass Water Bongs and many accessories. Multi-chamber bongs, recycled bongs and complex glassware will be within this price range.

$300 + – If you pay more than $300 for a bong, you may want to add lots of accessories or buy from a well-known glass artist. If you’re an avid smoker who likes smooth blows and quirky designs, then the high-priced Best Glass Bongs may be for you.

Glass Water Bongs for cheap online You want what kind also want to consider oneself want to take what price to buy, usually use circumstance is more or less. And the carrier is not convenient, is it to carry or to use at home. Choose the right glass Bongs for you, not necessarily the most expensive, but the best for you.

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