8 kinds of glass bonds which do you prefer?

There are all kinds of water bonds glass pipes on the market. To sum up, there are the following eight kinds. For those who are new to glass smoking bonds, they also say that they may be confused in the face of so many smoking tools and don’t know which one is more suitable for them. We are here to help you summarize and analyze.

Straight pipe glass bongs

Straight pipe welding gun is the simplest design. They consist of a simple tube sealed at one end and a bowl protruding from the side. You pour some water into the pipe, put your marijuana in a bowl, and then go. It’s simple. Direct smoking is the best.

Beaker shaped pipe

The beaker shaped cigarette holder is similar to the straight pipe cigarette holder, but the bottom expands outward into a cone, which looks like a beaker. Hence the name. Beaker guns are more stable than straight pipe guns because they have a larger base. The process of smoking is the same: just add water, marijuana and fire, and you can start.

Round bottom welding gun

The round bottom welding gun is similar to the beaker welding gun in that the base is wider than the tube and bite. The round bottom cigarette gun, as the name suggests, has a flat bottom spherical water chamber. They are more stable than straight pipe welding guns, but less stable than beaker welding guns because of the smaller plane. Whether the shape is straight, beaker or round, the basic principle of using them is the same.

Multi chamber rod

The multi chamber gun, sometimes referred to as the recovery gun, is a variant of the straight tube gun (although the cavity can have various shapes). In a multi chamber cigarette gun, the straight tube is divided into two chambers connected by a tube or a third chamber (you can see one on the right in the above figure). Both the upper chamber and the lower chamber are filled with water, so the smoke is filtered twice. This produces cooler, smoother smoke than straight tubes, beakers, or round bottomed cigarette guns can provide. Due to the complexity, multi cavity welding gun is more difficult to build. This makes them more expensive than the simpler builds in this list. Multi chamber cigarette guns are also more difficult to clean.

Filter state

The percolator gun or foaming gun can be straight tube, beaker, round base or almost any other shape you can imagine. What makes them different is that they contain a penetrant. The percolator (as shown in the figure below) is a piece of glass that dissipates smoke before it passes through the water and produces a foaming effect in the chimney. Spreading smoke in this way helps to filter it better and cool it faster.

The percolator can be at the bottom of the cigarette gun (single chamber percolator), another chamber (multi chamber percolator), or both (multi chamber, multi percolator). Because this type of cigarette gun is very complex, they are difficult to clean, let alone more expensive.

Bucket gravity bar

The Gravity Gun relies on the vacuum left by water leaving the enclosed space. There are two types of gravity bonds: bucket and waterfall (we’ll discuss it later). The simplest bucket gravity smoker uses a plastic bottle and a bucket full of water. This is an interesting project that can be tried again and again, but if you often use this type of cigarette gun, you may want to buy a professionally made model. See the link here for detailed build instructions.

After assembly and packaging, you light the weeds in the bottle cap, and then slowly pull the water bottle out of the water to ensure that it stops before the bottle is completely removed. Pulling the bottle up creates a vacuum in an enclosed space on the water surface, drawing smoke into the bottle. When the bottle is full of smoke, remove the lid and inhale the contents.

Waterfall gravity bar

The waterfall gravity spout is similar to the bucket gravity spout, but instead of pulling the bottle up to create a vacuum, it discharges the water from the bottom. Again, you can get detailed build instructions here.

When everything is assembled, light your marijuana and let the water drain from the bottle. When the water leaves, it sucks smoke into the bottle. When the water is completely drained, block the hole with fingers or tape, remove the cover from the top and inhale the contents of the heart (or lung). Like bucket gravity guns, you can make waterfall gravity guns from household materials. But if you want to use it often, please buy professional glass or plastic models.

Self made

The gravity air gun discussed above has well entered the wonderful world of self-made air guns. If you don’t have a precious multi chamber, multi percolator, beaker shaped glass smoke bottle, you can build a simple substitute with daily materials such as fruit, water bottle, candy, building blocks and even snow. They may not look as beautiful as your stained glass cigarette gun, but they will finish their work at a critical moment.

By analyzing the above eight smoking tools, you will have a certain understanding. It is the best to choose your most convenient and favorite cool glass bonds.

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