How does glass bongs work?

Whether you are an avid smoker or a novice, you have probably thought about this question: how does glass smoking pipes work? Yes, we all know it will make you excited, but what are these explosive parts, What did they do?

Have you ever experienced a huge tear, just staring at your glass smoking pipes and wondering how it works? The more you stare, the more your snuff looks like a huge hamster pipe with crazy design​​ .

   Are all these complex parts necessary, and what do they even provide for your smoke experience?

   I know that the confusing look is good, but don’t worry, when the smoke passes through each chimney, we will provide you with in-depth smoke decomposition. Not only that, we will also tell you how each smoking accessory enhances your smoking experience.

How BONG components and smoke spread

   The four main parts involved in smoking are important to understand.

   Have you ever wondered what happens when the smoke passes through those chimney filters, chambers and percolators? From the time the bowl is ignited to the time the smoke reaches you, the smoke will be filtered through many filter systems.

   talk about a thorough cleaning cycle. The smoke is filtered four times before it enters your mouth!

   The smoke will be sucked into the bowl immediately, and then it will fill the rest of the glass smoking pipes and enter your lungs. But how and when did all these filtering operations happen?

   Let’s go straight into how the smoke passes through the chimney:

   1. The Bong Bowl started to smoke

   When the bong bowl lights up, smoke is immediately generated and pulled down to the airway below it. Depending on how soft or hard you pull, the amount of smoke accumulated will vary. It’s best when you pull it slowly, so that you have enough time for the smoke to accumulate and allow it to slowly filter through other channels.

   2. The down tube filter smokes first

The    down tube is considered to be a basic type of percolator, which brings smoke from the bowl into the water chamber to cool it down as the smoke circulates. Since the lower rod is always in contact with the water chamber, the water acts as an auxiliary so that the lower rod can perform its magic. It generates small bubbles, allowing more surface area coverage for more cooling effect.

  3. Secondary primary flue gas filtration and cooling in the water chamber

   One water chamber can work with downstem, but one works at the same time. In this case, the flue gas will propagate from the lower rod and immediately enter the water chamber, where the water allows the flue gas to cool before reaching the next point.

  4. Percolator (Optional) Advanced Bonus Smoke Filtration

   Percolator is listed as optional, but it is very important to your smoking experience. It serves as an additional water chamber with multiple slits and holes through the device to allow the smoke to be optimally filtered. At this time, the amount of cooling of the hot smoke is usually twice that of the first ignition, because it generates more bubbles than the standard lower rod.

  5. Ice chamber (optional) for additional cooling of smoke

  The smoke has now reached the ice chamber, where the ice itself acts as a coolant. Once the smoke hits or touches the ice, the smoke will cool down again and then float towards you.

  6. ​​Splash guard-no water pipe to mouth

   Splash guards are usually found in high-end water bongs glass pipes that have a large amount of penetration. It is dome-shaped with multiple slits and cuts to allow smoke to pass through while trapping unwanted water indoors. After hitting the ice, the smoke will directly enter the splash shield and then into your lungs.

  What is BONG and 2 reasons you need to know

So what is a bong, and what are the benefits of knowing what it is? To fully understand the anatomy of glass smoking pipes and all its complex parts, you must understand how the smoke spreads and what happens when it passes through each filtered part .

   Two important benefits of understanding what bong is:

  1. Bong filter for health and smoke

  Among the many ways of smoking, smoking is the best choice because you can modify it a lot, such as reducing the amount of hot smoke inhaled into the lungs. By using a percolator or lower rod, you can achieve the best smoke filtration and ensure a smoother tasting. If you get a beautiful water bongs glass pipes, it is already equipped with a down tube, percolator and even an ice chamber, you can rest assured that your smoke will hit smoothly and reduce the irritation to the throat and lungs.

  2. Finding the best Bong can save you money

   Find a water bongs glass pipes that contains the necessary parts of the bomb smoke plug. You don’t have to always leave a dent in your pocket. There are many affordable water bongs glass pipes, and if you understand the function of all the components, you can easily determine which are essential for the smoke experience you want and which are not. It is important to understand each part of the air gun so that you don’t waste money on accessories that don’t meet your custom air gun needs. In addition, once you find the perfect water bongs glass pipes, there is no need to spend money to buy alternatives to smoking that will not do you any good. E-cigarettes not only provide an awesome height, but are cleaner and more beneficial to your lungs than blunt instruments, e-cigarettes and even joints.

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