6 tips to make your electric dab rigs more fun

Electric dab rigs is a type of water pipe that is specially designed for smoking oil or concentrate. Once you have mastered the basics of using cool dab rigs, you can use certain methods and steps to make your cheap dab rigs online experience more exciting.

  1. Always use gloves when using electric dab rigs

   Concentrated oil is slimy. Touching these oils with bare hands can transfer bacteria on the skin to the oil, causing dilution or contamination.

   When you are ready to smoke, please wear gloves to ensure that your oil is not contaminated.

  2. Use dedicated micro dab rigs

  Although you can use the attachment of the water pipe to pump concentrated oil, the residue of dried herbs drained from the water pipe will contaminate your sense of blow.

   The best option is to have a dedicated cool dab rigs device so that you can enjoy the full flavor without having to deal with any potential aftertaste.

  3. Turn off the heat

   If you or someone you know has had a bad cheap dab rigs online experience, there may be a reason. Have you experienced unpleasant taste or chest discomfort? We can almost guarantee you oil dab rigs at too high temperature.

   Cooling your cool dab rigs nails after the heating process is a key step. When the nails are too hot, the concentrate will burn, leading to a very unpleasant inhalation process. High temperatures can even eliminate compounds that produce odors and flavors.

  To avoid these problems, be sure to let your nails or ham cool after heating.

  4. Use carbohydrate cap

  Carbohydrate cap is the carburetor of your cool dab rigs device. It limits the flow of air to the nails, so that you can collect the last oil to mark the end of the shot. By covering your nails, you are basically restricting airflow into the rig. This reduced airflow keeps your drilling rig at low pressure, lowers the boiling temperature of the oil, and provides you with denser, better-tasting smoke.

   5. Use quartz nails or rods

   In order to get the best taste of your oil dab rigs, please try using quartz rods or nails. When used with your favorite concentrates, they provide a very clean and pure taste.

  Quartz nails and hammers are also more durable than glass nails. The rod sticks out of your dab rig, protecting the rig from the heat of the cutting torch and preventing potential cracks.

   6. Clean your DAB RIG often

   In order to get the most powerful blow, your cool dab rigs device needs to be clean. And the more often you clean, the easier it will be.

   When your micro dab rigs device is clean and tidy, you will be able to taste the concentrated oil better without the residual taste of old concentrated oil.

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