Five Essential Cannabis Accessories

  Marijuana use is more common than ever. As a result, the demand for smoking equipment has almost doubled. When it comes to smoking marijuana, you must always have the marijuana accessories you need to get the job done. No one wants to prepare for an outdoor smoking convention. Even at home, at a friend’s house, or on the road, you have to be prepared for a satisfying launch.

  Lookah now has some cool gadgets and accessories, from ashtrays, cigarette packs and herbal grinders to complete rolling kits. The cannabis industry is full of innovation, but we wanted to stick to the basics and introduce some classic accessories that most addicts can’t live without.

  While items like the right grinder and high-quality rolls aren’t necessary for smoking, they do help make for a better experience.

  If you’re new to cannabis, you may not be familiar with the best and most common accessories for getting the best experience and improving your relationship with cannabis.


  When it comes to cannabis accessories, most people probably think of herbal grinders first.

  While no grinder is required to shred weeds, it produces a uniformly ground final product that is easier to bowl or prepare joints, and the end product is more likely to smoke.

  Break the marijuana with your hands, and the hairs will stick to your fingers; not only will this take away some of its flavor, but it will also stain your hands and anything you touch later.

  Using scissors is an option, but most of us experience some budding or getting lost in the room.

  Also, it takes some time to get a good consistency, and any large scattered nuggets will make it harder for the joint or bowl to burn evenly.

  This aluminum herb grinder has everything you need to consider when shopping for a high-quality grinder. Its design and technology ensure you don’t waste money and time as it incorporates magnets and sharp teeth to rotate smoothly instead of crushing your herbs. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and manage. Not to mention how elegant and small it looks.

  Scroll tray

  Do you hate dealing with a dirty workplace? If the answer is yes, you need a rolling tray.

  When rolling or packaging the vape, it is easy to spill freshly ground herbs and stain sofas, carpets or clothing.

  Experienced teachers know that wrong actions can lead to messy cleaning. If you want to be cautious about marijuana, little bits in the carpet are not the answer.

  Another possibility is that you may want to roll your joints on the road, and you need a comfortable place to do it properly. That’s where the rolling tray comes in. It helps you organize your workspace, keep your herbs in one place, and give you a flat, sturdy work surface. This rolling pin set has a tray, storage container, bento box, and a rolling pin, all in a sturdy carrying case. grey board

  Most people keep smoking areas clean by flicking ashtrays into ashtrays. If you smoke outside, a windproof ashtray will go a long way in preventing the breeze from blowing soot onto your balcony or entryway. There are many options for ashtrays, but we especially like the windproof spherical ashtray with a flip top. It’s large enough that it doesn’t have to be emptied too often, and its windproof design with closed lid is perfect for outdoor use.

  Its floral design also has a nostalgic vintage feel, and it’s made from zinc alloy, so it’s durable and easy to clean.

  Veneer Winding Machine

  While there is no end to the premium pre-rolls and cones at your local cannabis store, rolling your own joints pays off. While some experienced smokers may reject the idea of ​​using a rolling machine, not everyone can roll their joints consistently, especially when they are tall.

  A roller press is a simple and inexpensive piece of equipment that can easily and consistently roll out beautiful and uniform seams. They can save you a lot of time and will undoubtedly come in handy if you want to hit a few joints before going out or to a party.

  storage container

  Storage containers are essential to keeping your collections fresh.

  Mason jars are a common and simple option that can be easily purchased from your local Walmart or online.

  But there are plenty of other storage containers dedicated to marijuana. If you want to carry weed with you, choose a metal or plastic can that won’t break.

  Water pipe/Aerator

  Pipe smoking is a classic for most professional marijuana users. They clean and cool the smoke with water, making the pipe or small bubble a must-have for hay lovers.

  Water filtration also minimises any pollutants in the smoke because it passes through the water, so it makes smoking more lung-friendly and better for your health.

  Smokers can be incredible works of art, and when you come across one of these, you might wonder if they’re really good for smoking, because all you have to do is put them in a good place where everyone can see them. Lookah Glass offers a huge range of unique bongs at different price points, so we’re sure there’s something for everyone’s taste and budget.

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