Do you know what kind of glass gravity bong there are?

  Generally, you can find about five different types of glass gravity bong: purple glass gravity bong (hand tube), spoon tube (so named for its spoon-like shape), sherlock tube (you guessed it. shaped stem related to Sherlock Holmes), bubblers and rollers. Each type has different advantages and contributes uniquely to the smoking experience.


  This basic tube is shaped like a simple tube. Smoking with chili peppers, like the use of hollow reeds by some early Aboriginal cultures, may be considered a new but still primitive method of smoking. To use a pepper tube, you just put the dried herbs into one end, light it, and inhale through the other end. The experience is different from using other types of piping, the size of the peppers will also vary in temperature and impact size. Because of its small size and simple design, it can only carry a small amount of dried herbs. They also lack the carburetor, a feature that keeps the smoke from going off flavor (as you’ll soon find out).

  Spoon-shaped glass gravity bong

  The spoon tube is often considered the next step for chili. Its shape and structure are similar. You can store any product you use, except for a “bowl” at one end. Unlike chillums, the spoon tube has a vaporizer, which is really just a small hole in the tube. Smoking with a spoon pipe is a little more complicated than smoking with a pepper. It involves covering the hole with your fingers, sucking air from the bowl, then uncovering the hole to inhale. This way, the smoke stays fresh.

  Sherlock glass gravity bong

  The glass gravity bong-style iconic arched pole is almost universally considered to be the type smoked by the fictional literary character Sherlock Holmes. Hence the name. At the end of the rod is a bowl for the heated product. The smoke then travels up the stems. Sometimes this type of pipe has a longer stem than a typical pipe, which may be called a Gandalf pipe, named after a fictional character created by JRR Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings series. These cold glass gravity bongs are sometimes designed with a vaporizer, but this is not mandatory.

  Foaming glass gravity bong

  Yes, this glass gravity bong style is so named for a reason. related to bubbles. This tube is a mixture of glass gravity bong and tube. It is as small as a tube but uses water like a tube, so these tubes are sometimes called glass gravity bong. The water acts as a filter for the smoke, diffusing it and creating tiny air bubbles. The result is a smoother mouthfeel, without any harsh elements and material tones. The bubbler can use either cold water (even ice water) or hot water, and the water temperature will affect the flavor and overall experience.

  Road roller

  Of the five basic glass gravity bong styles, the steam roller is the most complicated and the most complicated to use. A steam drum consists of a tube with a bowl at one end. Each end of the tube has an opening, and the end closest to the bowl serves as a vaporizer. Some models have an extra chamber where you can “roll” the smoke to further cool it. Either way, the rollers deliver a powerful and fast blow that “rolls the pavement” if the user isn’t ready. Therefore, the scroll wheel is not recommended for novice or inexperienced users who will definitely need some practice to use it.

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