Eight years of smoking enthusiasts teach you how to smoke from glass bongs (Ignite)

Through the previous article, we understand what preparations should be made before smoking. Now let me, an old smoker, tell you how to light water bonds glass pipes and what preparations you should make in the process of lighting glass water bonds, so that you will have a special feeling of smoking for the first time. Next, I will share these experiences with you step by step. Let’s take action step by step.

Use cool glass bongs to enter a comfortable position.

If you are not familiar with smoking thick glass bonds, please sit in a seat near the table or stand in a position so that you can put down the cigarette when you start coughing. If you don’t want to fill your room with smoke, please sit near the open window.

Make sure your area is free of any flammable materials.

Hold the headies glass bonds with your non preferred hand.

Wrap your hand around the smoke chamber (the long section connecting the blowing nozzle and the water chamber) or hold the glass beaker bonds from the bottom. Make sure you have a good grip before lighting.

Take a few deep breaths.

Breathe with the diaphragm (the muscles below the lungs). Filling your body with oxygen will make it easier for you to inhale all the smoke, and you won’t cough so badly.

Put your mouth on the blowing mouth.

Your lips should be inside the bite, and the edge of the bite should be pressed in the area around your mouth. Make sure there is no gap to prevent smoke from escaping.

Light the lighter with the other hand.

Use an ordinary pocket lighter. Hold the lighter vertically and light it with your thumb. Wrap other fingers around the lighter to avoid scalding.

Tilt the lighter sideways and bring the flame into the bowl.

Position the flame so that you only burn the marijuana edge in the bowl. This will help the marijuana in the bowl last longer. Keep the flame on the edge of the marijuana.

See here, have you learned how to light glass water pipes? As long as you follow me step by step, you will be like me how to better smoke. The experience of 8 years is to slowly explore and summarize. Such a step can better enjoy the delicious food.

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