Eight years of smoking enthusiasts teach you how to smoke from glass bongs(inhale smoke)

By studying the last two articles, I believe you can’t wait to feel the fun of smoking glass water pipes. For this, I’m going to reveal the article “eye years of smoking inhusiasts teach you how to smoke from glass bonds”. Let’s practice the third and final step of smoking heat tape for water pipes.

Inhale slowly when lighting glass smoking bonds.

At this time, smoke should not enter your mouth or lungs. You just inhale the smoke into the water heater connections pipes smoke chamber. When you breathe in, you should start to see the room become cloudy because it is full of smoke.

If you are not familiar with water bubbler pipes, please fill half of the smoke in the previous attempts to avoid losing yourself

When you are satisfied with the amount of water pipes for smoking, stop lighting thick glass bonds.

Put the lighter aside or hold it in your hand. Stop breathing, but do not remove your mouth from the blowing mouth, otherwise the smoke in the smoke chamber will escape.

Pull the headies glass bongs out of the valve stem and inhale the smoke in the chamber.

Pull the bowl out of the stem with the same hand you used to light the bowl. When you inhale smoke, take a deep breath and let it enter your lungs.

If you can’t inhale the smoke in the room at once, please remove your mouth from the blowing mouth, and then cover the blowing mouth with your palm to prevent the smoke from escaping. When you are ready to inhale the remaining smoke, please remove your hand and quickly put your mouth back on the blowing mouth.

Leave the smoke in the lungs for a few seconds.

Keeping smoke for a long time won’t make you taller and may be worse for your health. Holding the smoke for 2-3 seconds is enough to excite you.

Exhale smoke.

Blow smoke into the room or out of the window. If you smoke with others, tilt your head back and blow up the smoke so that you don’t blow it into their faces.

Put the bowl back into the stem.

If you smoke alone, relight the bowl when you are ready to smoke again. If you smoke with your friends, pass your pipe and lighter to the person next to you.

Seeing here, I believe we have learned to smoke glass water bonds. These three articles are a summary of my experience in 8 years. Don’t underestimate these steps. They are indispensable. Without these, you can’t enjoy the delicious food well. Learn these simple steps and let you enjoy your freedom and delicious like a proficient hand

If you have finished the cigarette gun, take out the bowl and pour out the water. Thoroughly flush the cigarette gun and place it in a safe place that will not be damaged.

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