Do not try homemade glass water bongs lightly

There are many people who make glass water bongs for themselves and find it interesting. And there are many articles explaining how to use glass water bongs, you may also try most of the methods. You may not find it easy to use the glass water bongs you have made, and you may not be aware of the unreported dangers.

   You may inhale the dangerous fumes of homemade glass water bongs

   If you or someone else makes every effort to build a glass homemade thick glass bongs device, it is likely that there will be unpleasant chemical residues from the production process. Some smokers find that inhaling the smoke from a butane torch is bad enough-imagine not knowing what they are inhaling.

   glass weed bongs may break

   Another risk of using homemade thick glass bongs is that the glass may be thin or of poor quality. If the thickness is not appropriate, it will probably break or shatter in your hand and will not be able to withstand the heat. This may leave you with all kinds of cuts and a whole lot of things to clean up.

   you can burn yourself

   This may be the biggest problem when smoking with methods other than suitable glass water bongs or thick glass bongs. Many people on the Internet recommend using a hot butter knife or even an electric car lighter to evaporate the substance of your choice. Both of these methods only require acceptance of second-degree burns, turning the originally interesting smoking course into an emergency.

  Can you smoke without glass beaker bongs?

   If you think you can’t afford thick glass bongs now, or if you accidentally broke your own and need an affordable replacement device, try glass water bongs. They are very suitable for evaporation, and water can also be used, such as glass water bongs. In addition, because they are a little smaller than thick glass bongs, they are easier to pass or travel with friends. Most importantly, they are manufactured by professionals, do not contain residual chemicals, and are made of high-quality glass.

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