About the structure and characteristics of glass pipes and bongs

Many people don’t know the construction principle of glass pipes and bongs, so they are worried about whether they are durable and what are their characteristics. Here I will summarize for everyone.

   beaker with ice clip

   made by… glass pipes and bongs, this water bongs glass pipes is a truly great work of art. Made of borosilicate glass, its unique shape easily compromises the innovation of popsicles. It has a fixed down rod without sacrificing any diffusion capabilities.

The ice catch of glass smoking bongs has been lowered, so it can also double as a splash guard. Due to its location, you can put the ice cube directly into the neck of the bong, and then the smoke will slide over the ice cube every time it hits.

   What are the advantages of using glass smoking bongs?

   In addition to automatically lowering the temperature of the hot pungent smoke, using cool glass bongs has some other benefits that you may not know.

  1. Filter

   This is the most important thing among all the things that cool glass bongs can do for you. The ice in glass bongs wholesale actually filters smoke more effectively. Ice can bring a fresh and clean blow every time. In addition, better filtering brings a lot of positive impact effects, as we will see below.

  2. Greater tear

   If you like bongs, then you may also be the most successful. Well, if you can filter your smoke better, then it will be smoother, if it is smoother, then you will be able to inhale more, so…everyone can get a bigger tear ! The ice catcher provides you with protection.

 Glass water bongs

  Made of extremely durable medical grade borosilicate glass, glass pipes and bongs are water pipes designed to optimize moisture regulation. It has an air-tight seal to promote deep water absorption and ensure water filtration. In addition, the included ice mold can be made into cubes of a size suitable for heavy beakers.

   In addition, it is easy to keep the glass pipes and bongs in the best condition because it is equipped with a sturdy and reliable convenient carrying case. You can use it to store the smoking gun during travel or only when not in use.

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