Cheap glass Bongs are almost the undisputed king

When it comes to Glass Spoon Pipes, glass Smoking Bongs are almost the undisputed king. For general smoking devices, Cool Glass Bongs are certainly the cutting edge. So much so that we often unthinkingly refer to smoking devices as glass tobacco pipes.

But if you peruse the bong section of any store, you’ll probably find that at least some bongs are made of a different material than glass. You might see CBD Vape pens for anxiety made of metal, acrylic and even bamboo. But what about silicone glass Bongs for cheap online?

Silicone is an extremely durable and flexible material that can easily form into almost any shape. This makes Glass Spoon Pipes ideal for bongs.

Bongs made from medical-grade silicone won’t give your smoke any bad smell. Glass Weed Bongs are easy to clean and extremely durable.

So how did headies Glass Bongs stack good old Hand Blown Glass Pipes?

Why are Glass Beaker Bongs so popular?

Glass Blower Pipes is popular for several reasons. First, it’s relatively cheap and plentiful. But more importantly, it won’t give your smoke any flavor or bad chemicals. The glass is clean. Glass is easy to keep shiny clean when it comes to actual physical cleaning.

The main drawback to all these advantages is the inherent fragility of glass. But glass bongs are not made of “ordinary” glass. It’s not the cheap thin glass you’d expect from a disposable beverage bottle.

In contrast, most glass bongs are made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass was originally developed for use in laboratories, where the demands of chemical experiments required an extremely durable, shatterproof glass that could handle sometimes violent chemical reactions.

While still absolutely fragile, these Glass Smoking Bongs are a cut on top. But Long Glass Pipes are not as tough as silicone……

It can’t be cheap and almost indestructible glass Tobacco Pipes

We won’t challenge you to break one (you probably can if you try), but with normal use, the silicone bong is unlikely to be broken. While your fancy glass pipe may be a useless piece of junk that fell off the table, the silicone pipe is ready for all kinds of abuse and continues to smoke.

This makes them ideal for use at parties, or anywhere the smoking area can get a bit noisy. Or, maybe you and your friends happen to be an awkward bunch, in which case investing in silicone bongs will allow you to keep smoking, no matter how careless you are with your equipment.

Of course, it’s not a big investment. One of the benefits of using silicone is savings. You can find good silicone bongs for a fraction of the price of glass bongs.

But atmosrx vaporizers?

One area where other materials can’t compete with glass Octopus Glass Pipes is accessories. As the main material in the smoking world, glass bong accessories are abundant.

You can choose from a variety of ice traps, ash traps, leachates and tapping devices such as nails and hammers — all designed to fit glass bongs and usually made of glass.

Generally speaking, silicone bong does not have such a rich choice of accessories. So if customizing your bong and decorating it with accessories is important to you, glass is a clear winner.

Ultimately, if you want the most versatile and capable bong, you may end up with Glass Hand Pipes. Almost everyone does!

But if you’re looking for cheap, simple and extremely durable water pipes for smoking, silicone has a distinct advantage.

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