Why do people put ice in glass weed bongs?

Let’s face it, smoking can sometimes cause your throat to become hot, dry, and irritated, making you cough longer than you want.

   Adding ice to glass bongs is the remedy you are looking for.

   In the past 14 years, I have tried different methods to make smoking less demanding and bring a more enjoyable experience.

   Until I realized that the ice catcher exists for a reason, in order to keep the ice and provide more.

   Many times people don’t even add ice cubes. Maybe it’s because of laziness, or they are not sure how it works. (I have done both.)

  So, why do people actually add ice to glass bongs?

   There are many benefits of adding ice cubes to glass bongs. Here you will learn exactly how to get a smoother, better taste and larger cracks from your work.

   Whether you are an experienced smoker or a general novice, you can always find new ways to enhance your smoking experience, such as adding ice cubes to glass bongs.

   For many years, marijuana users have been looking for new ways to smoke. This is just one of the many ways they can make smoking smoother and bring additional benefits.

   Putting ice cubes into glass bongs has many benefits. Here are four that can enhance the effect of your next smoking:

   1. Put ice cubes in the Bong filter

  On the one hand, this is the purpose of the ice catcher. They are designed to act as a filtering system for smoke.

  Glass smoking bongs cannot do this by themselves, which is why you need to add ice cubes to get the benefits of a clean and filtered blow.

  2. Ice cubes increase flavor

   When you add ice to glass weed bongs, you will not only get filtered smoke, but also add flavor.

   Whether you are getting the most flavor from your buds or adding your own flavors, this really enhances the smoking experience.

  3. Put ice cubes in Bong as a splash guard

   No matter who you are, you never seek water splashes from the water, especially in unexpected situations.

   That’s why some people don’t use water guns.

   Putting ice cubes into the chimney can prevent this from happening because they are located directly above the water chamber and act as a splash guard.

  4. Use glass smoking bongs with ice for greater tearing

   When you smoke, you are most likely to want to puff, which will make you stoned within a few hours.

   Since adding ice cubes to glass bongs can filter out the smoke, it allows you to get a colder blow, so you can get a bigger blow.

  Ice cubes make shots smoother

   The ice cubes in the lollipop are really important. If you have ever wondered what the groove in the middle of your tambourine is for, then don’t think about it anymore.

   These grooves act as ice collectors, preventing ice from falling into the water chamber.

  All you have to do is add ice cubes through the top of glass smoking bongs (four to five pieces), and then let the ice collector prevent them from falling into the water chamber.

   Pack your bowl and enjoy it.

   Although there is no need to put ice cubes in glass weed bongs, it does help a lot.

  The working principle of ice trap

  The water chamber can already be used as a way to cool the smoke, but when you add ice cubes, the smoke will pass through the chimney and hit the ice cubes.

   This reduces the temperature of the smoke to an easier and more comfortable smoking level.

   When you add ice cubes to glass bongs, this cooling process makes a significant difference. Just be sure not to install the water chamber too high,

   Because the melting ice will increase the level.

   Pay attention to the water level and empty the water tank when it is too full.

  How to use ice to add different flavors to your glass bongs

   When you first started smoking, you probably never thought about using glass smoking bongs with ice cubes. Why is that so?

   No one told me what these grooves are for and how to use them.

   Therefore, you may never have thought of adding different flavors to the ice trap.

   I know it took me a while to find out that I can pass

   Just change the water, add fruit or ice with different flavors.

  Try flavored water or other liquids

   This is probably the most common way for smokers to change the flavor profile when smoking with ice cubes.

   Not only is it the most common, but like the other two methods, it is very simple.

  All you need to do is replace the water in the chamber with any liquid you want.

  Some people like to use mouthwash to increase the fresh taste of mint. Others prefer to use Gatorade, Kool-aid or their choice of flavored water.

   Whichever liquid you choose, you can really enhance the flavor.

   add fruit to the ice catcher

   This is one of my favorites. By mixing ice cubes and fruits, when the smoke hits the ice trap, it will add whatever flavor you decide to match.

   Some smokers like to add orange slices, strawberries, apples and even kiwis when using iced chimneys.

   Therefore, when the smoke hits the mixed ice, it immediately changes the taste, making it delicious, refreshing and fruity.

   The options for this method are endless, making it one of my favorites.

   Be sure to clean your glass smoking bongs thoroughly after using fruits.

   Flavored ice cubes in popsicles

   If you can use ice molds, then you can actually freeze different liquids and add them to the ice collector.

   You need to make sure that the ice molds are not too big or too small, because you need to put them in the glass bongs without falling into the water chamber.

   Over the years, all Stoners have tried this way of adding flavor.

   Adding ice cubes to tobacco and alcohol allows you to enhance the flavor in many ways. Therefore, whether you use soda, juice or iced coffee molds, your smoking method and taste depend on you.

   Final thoughts on using popsicles

   For anyone who has or is looking to improve the overall smoking experience, putting ice cubes in glass bongs is a must.

  Using glass smoking bongs with ice not only allows you to get cleaner, smoother and larger tears, but you can also enjoy the fun and excitement of trying new flavors.

   So there is no longer a prolonged cough, sore throat or chest burning. Just put ice cubes in glass bongs to cool down the smoke and enjoy a better orgasm.

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