What is a bong?

What is a bong?

A bong is a water pipe that is frequently used to smoke cannabis or hashish. For several “potheads”, a bong is the showpiece of their smoking cigarettes collection. Therefore, it’s not so strange that there’s bongs offered of a number of thousands of euros. However thankfully, there are lots of affordable bongs readily available for the much less rich stoners, that essentially provide the like a lot more expensive bongs: a pure, yummy smoking experience that is unmatched by joints or vaporizers.

The benefits of a bong

Many individuals who have actually tried smoking a bong as soon as, will certainly remain a big fan of these beautiful glass gadgets permanently. And that’s not without a reason. A bong supplies numerous advantages over joints. Possibly the biggest benefit of all is that you shed virtually no smoke at all when smoking a bong, and the impact of your marijuana is much more powerful. That is due to the fact that you only take one success (or several, if you’re a pro) as well as inhale much deeper. This helps you get the most out of your weed and also to conserve a lot of money.

An increasing number of weed smokers nowadays don’t smoke cigarettes or shag any longer. So it’s just logical that numerous weed cigarette smokers don’t such as to fill their joint with tobacco. When you roll a pure joint with only weed, you make use of a great deal more herb than when you fill up the bong Smoking a bong hit is as a result a lot more effective for smoking without cigarette, because after only one hit you will currently be stoned for some hours.

Additionally, bong smokers frequently simply favor to smoke using their elegant glass pipe. Which’s understandable: an excellent bong lasts for several years, looks terrific in any kind of living-room or bedroom, and also the smoke is merely far more enjoyable than that of a joint.

Purchasing a bong.

Any individual buying a bong has the selection of many different shops and brand names. Yet like numerous various other items, some brands bill a great deal of cash just for the brand. We favor the completely completed and extravagant bongs that don’t cost greater than they are really worth: high quality for a low price. That is why we at Bongify market lots of bongs by the brand names Blaze Glass as well as Black Fallen Leave. These are effectively finished and are of much better quality than the majority of other bongs, however the prices are a lot reduced in contrast.

Honeycomb bong, percolators and diffusers

The vast choice of several type of water pipes make getting a bong a little extra difficult than some years back. Thanks to the intro of honeycomb bongs, percolators as well as diffusers there’s not only a great deal more to pick from than in the past, however the high quality of bongs is also better than 20 years earlier. Honeycombs, perculators and diffusers are different means to get to the exact same goal: far better cooling, better filtering, as well as a smoother, a lot more enjoyable cigarette smoking experience. Make sure to have a look at our collection of HoneyComb Bongs as well as Percolator Bongs.

Exactly how does a bong work?

A bong works primarily the same as any other waterpipe, with the most crucial difference in between a bong as well as a hookah being that with a hookah or shisha the smoke is inhaled through a tube, whereas a bong has a mouthpiece on the pipeline itself. If you buy a bong with a carbhole or kickhole, you attract the pipe full of smoke initially and afterwards release your finger from the hole, in order to inhale all of the concentrated smoke in one big draw (this is called “clearing the bong”). Another distinction is that a bong is lit using a fire, instead of utilizing coals like a hookah. To light a bong, you merely use a lighter or a bong wick, additionally referred to as hemp wick. Check out all about just how a bong functions below.

The history of bongs

Even though many individuals believe that the water pipe stems from the Center East and also the Arabic world, waterpipes have become part of human history for thousands of years all over the globe. The word bong originates from the Thai word “bong” or “buang”, which basically suggests “a waterpipe made from bamboo”. Also in Laos, Nepal, China, Africa and also America (amongst many others), indigenous people have actually been making use of bongs for many centuries. Many bongs nowadays are no longer made from bamboo, since glass offers a much better cigarette smoking experience than bamboo, acrylic or steel. That is why contemporary bongs are usually made from borosilicate glass, a top quality heat-proof as well as scratch-proof glass that is superb for this objective.

Bronze, Silver as well as Gold Line Bongs

To make getting a bong less complicated, we at Bongify have actually split our variety right into 3 primary groups: Bronze Line, Silver Line, as well as Gold Line. The Bronze Line includes the cheapest bongs that we have. The Silver Line has premium quality bongs at a budget-friendly rate. The Gold Line just is entitled to the most effective of the very best – and at Bongify, also these bongs are priced reduced about various other bongs shops!

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