What are the types of smoke gun?

What are the types of opium pipe? What are commonly used in the market now? Let me introduce this old smoker to you.

From simple scientific style (such as classic beaker and cigarette gun) to complex functions (such as recycler with propeller filter), hilookah has a selection of water pipes. Shop by perc or size and find your dream thick glass bonds!

Beaker bar

It’s all about that base. Beaker pipe is a classic water pipe with a wide bottom, which can provide higher stability and smooth smoke. Beaker blowers are often stronger than straight pipe blowers, which makes them less likely to be knocked down by cats from the coffee table.

Another advantage of headies glass bongs is that they can hold more water and more smoke at the bottom, so as to achieve larger and larger shots.

Straight glass bongs

Straight pipe and beaker bottom pipe are the only way for buyers looking for a simpler or more traditional appearance. These designs not only make it easier for beginners to master, but some styles also provide the versatility of individual parts and accessories. A water pipe with a detachable lower rod allows you to replace the part with a light nail or other accessories for use with other substances. Remember to buy accessories that suit your pipe connector size and shape. The straight pipe contains less water than the beaker base pipe, but many users prefer lighter weight and style.

Bubble base cool glass bongs

Bong’s bubble bottom style was popular around the 1970s and is familiar to many people. These pipes are usually either with a base or directly at the flat end of the bubble base. The iconic appearance provides good versatility and a simple appearance that is easy to maintain.

Tap drill

The water pipe specially used for DAB and concentrate is called DAB drill. These DAB rig bongs filter water with steam, release steam for users to inhale through the chamber close to the blowing nozzle, and make maximum use of flavor and air flow, because filtration is not as important as burning herbs.

DAB rigs tend to work best with concentrates, but can also be used with flowers and herbs.

Different cigarette guns will have different smoking feelings, which also depends on your usual smoking habits, personal hobbies and site restrictions. Now these models on the market are selling very well. You can choose your own suitable smoking tools according to your needs. Here I also hope you can have the one you like. Because so many years of smoking let me deeply understand the importance of good smoking tools.

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