What are Soft Glass Bongs?

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What is a soft glass bong?
Soft Glass BongSoft Glass Bongs are the most inexpensive glass bongs you can acquire. These bongs are constructed from soft glass, which indicates that they’re made of routine, inexpensive glass. The majority of glass bongs are constructed from borosilicate glass, such as the selections in our Silver Line as well as Gold Line Bongs.

Why would certainly I acquire a soft glass bong?
The major factor for most people to get soft glass bongs is the lower price contrasted to hardened glass bongs. You can get a nice-looking piece for just a portion of the rate of a routine solidified glass bong. If you have an interest in acquiring soft glass bongs, take a look at our Bronze Line.

Soft glass bongs vs borosilicate glass bongs.
So, is a solidified glass/ borosilicate glass bong really worth the money? If you ask us, they absolutely are. While it is possible to get great soft glass bongs for a small cost, we would always buy hardened glass bongs. This has only one straightforward reason: durability.

A soft glass bong may smoke just as perfectly as a borosilicate glass bong. Yet because they’re so much less complicated to damage, it could be a better financial investment to acquire a respectable item the very first time. Also, because soft glass bongs damage less complicated, they usually don’t included percolators, diffusers or other special attributes. However, if you treat your soft glass bong with treatment as well as a little love, it can be a trustworthy smoking cigarettes machine for years.

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