Mixing essential oils with glass dab rigs can get a different experience

Use your favorite concentrates and essential oils for the ultimate smoking experience. The glass dab rigs smoking concentrate is ideal for getting the most flavor from every hit. But sometimes you may feel that something is missing, or you want to add something to make the experience more unique. To make your concentrate more attractive, you can try adding essential oils to dab rigs nails. All of our micro dab rigs are thick, sturdy and durable, you can boldly try your favorite taste, so you can have a different experience

  What are essential oils?

   Essential oils are extracts from flowers, fruits, roots and other plant substances. They are highly concentrated and have a variety of health benefits, including helping reduce inflammation, improving skin health, and eliminating headaches. They are most commonly used in aromatherapy to help treat daily problems. Here are some of the most popular smoking essential oils: Peppermint, Chamomile, Rosemary, Lemon/Lemongrass, Grapefruit, Lavender

   Peppermint Pure Essential Oil

   Main function: Cooling and refreshing, soothing the mind and relieving fatigue. Good for respiratory diseases, analgesic, relieve swelling of limbs, help digestion, detoxification and decontamination. It can remove blackheads, regulate sebum secretion, and is suitable for oily skin.

   Rosemary essential oil

   Main function: Regulate the mind and body, refresh the brain and enhance memory. Improve congestion and edema. Antibacterial, anti-rheumatic, and analgesic. Tighten the skin and stimulate hair growth.

   Lemon Pure Essential Oil

   Main function: Eliminate tension and anxiety, and invigorate the spirit. Strengthen the heart, lower blood pressure, treat arthritis, neurasthenia, and various infections. Promote blood circulation, sterilization and pain relief. Balances oil secretion, shrinks pores, diminishes scars, and relieves skin aging. Nourishes the hair.

  Rose essential oil

   Main function: Relieve anxiety, stress and depression, and feel happy. Treat various blood circulation problems and regulate endocrine. Relieve menopausal barriers and anti-aging. Treat various skin problems. Suitable for dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin, can reduce fine lines and promote cell regeneration

   Clove Pure Essential Oil

   Main function: to soothe the mood and calm the emotions. Antiseptic, antibacterial, prevent disease and inflammation. Relieve toothache, muscle pain, sinusitis and indigestion. Regulate sebum secretion, treat acne, and clean skin

   Use your electric dab rigs to smoke essential oils

   Note: Essential oils cannot be consumed alone. They are designed to help enhance the experience of smoking concentrates, herbs and other substances. There are several ways to use essential oils to smoke.

   1. Add a few drops to your custom dab rigs water

   When the steam in the concentrate passes through the water mixed with essential oils, it provides an additional flavor experience. If you want the concentrate to have a fruity flavor, try adding grapefruit, lemon or wild orange oil. If you want a smooth mint flavor every time, add peppermint oil. To smoke and relax? Add lavender or chamomile for a more soothing effect.

  2. Add a few drops to your concentrate

   Ingesting essential oils aromatically is a great way to experience their full effects. Adding a few drops directly to your concentrate to smoke them will help them to be absorbed by your body through your lungs. From there, they will circulate throughout your body to exert their natural magic.

  3. Rub essential oil inside the pipe

   To create a more subtle experience, you can also simply rub the essential oil into the neck of your type of dab rigs device. Every time you get a pleasant aroma and a little extra flavor, without changing the basic flavor of the concentrate. All of our micro dab rigs are thick, sturdy and durable. Use your favorite concentrates and essential oils for the ultimate smoking experience.

   Maybe you haven’t tried using essential oils and your favorite type of dab rigs, you can really try it so that you can open up a new world.

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