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  With the legalization of herbal medicines across the country, edible mushrooms have become more and more popular. It is not just biscuits and brownies, but a bunch of medicinal foods designed to help you enjoy herbs in different ways. Although everyone likes delicious food, what we don’t like is the process of getting them. If you don’t buy groceries in a pharmacy and you might spend a lot of money there, you can do it at home, which is a tricky and time-consuming process—not to mention a mess.

  Considering the complexity of making dipping butter in the traditional way, even the most enthusiastic smoker will not bother, but now you can get rid of depression and use the magic butter machine.

  What is the magic butter machine?

  Magic Butter Machine is the world’s first desktop plant extractor, which can inject the essence of any herbal medicine into butter, oil and tincture for your use. It is about the size of a coffee machine, which saves you the trouble of making food at home. This machine uses an immersion mixer, combined with a programmable thermostat and heating device, to complete the work for you. Grinding, heating, stirring and soaking, at the right time, your magic butter machine can complete all the work and maintain a constant temperature to obtain the perfect batch.

  how does this work

  When using the Magic Butter Machine, the process from start to finish, including decarburization, takes less than 3 hours. This machine can produce at least 2 cups and at most 5 cups-it depends on how much butter you want to produce. Here is what you need to start.

  Raw materials

  2-5 cups transparent butter

  Each cup of used butter-ounce sprouts.

  You need 1 tablespoon of lecithin per cup of butter.

  Lecithin is a food additive, in this case it is used as an emulsifier. Using it in butter allows the fat to better absorb some of the important properties of herbs during the soaking process, so it is important not to forget this in your recipes.

  Magic Butter Machine Decarburization Box

  If you have made medicinal butter before, you know that herbal decarbonization is a crucial step. Unfortunately, the magic butter machine will not do the job for you, but they have a decarburization device to help you do it at home! Their DecarBox is a food-grade silicone case that not only helps to keep the smell Sealing can also prevent the loss of some of the plant compounds you want. It comes with an integrated digital thermometer that can help calibrate your oven to maintain a consistent temperature during the decarburization process.

  Place your herbs in an oven at 245 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes to properly decarburize. Don’t worry about it, because the magic butter machine has a built-in mixer. After decarburization, put the required amount of clarified butter together with the corresponding amount of sprouts and lecithin into the jar, and then close the lid.

  Set the temperature of the machine to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and then select the “2 hours/butter” button to let the equipment run its cycle.

  After    is completed, turn off the machine, and pour the contents of the water tank into the mold through a purification filter with heat-proof and non-slip gloves.

  Put the molds in the refrigerator and let them cure for about half an hour.

  That’s it. In these 5 simple steps, you now have your own medicinal butter. Now, you can use butter in countless recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

  clean your machine

  After making the butter, you need to clean the machine to make sure that no plant material gets stuck in it after drying. Don’t worry about this part, because the magic butter machine has a built-in self-cleaning function! Just rinse the machine, fill the machine half with water and detergent, and then select the clean button. Go away, the machine will clean up by itself. Even better, make this part while your new food is in the oven!

  Magic Butter Maker is everything you need to make delicious injectable snacks at home. Whether you are here to give up cheesecloth or just start making butter, the Magic Butter Maker is a great way to make delicious butter at home. If you are interested in learning more about this machine, please visit the following website.

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