How to use the smoking gun?

The most popular way to consume dried herbs is to use glass water bongs. Compared with other smoking methods, the smoking gun allows you to use a little herbal medicine while still getting a big blow. Bongs also uses water to help filter your smoke for a more comfortable smoking experience. With so many different smoking pipes on the market today, it can be difficult to learn the best way to use a pipe. Before you learn the best way to use a pipe, you need to understand all the different options and differences and how they affect your Smoking experience. From simple glass pipes to pipes with multiple chambers or permeators, glass pipes and bongs can improve performance and functionality.

  How to choose a glass water bongs

  1 glass smoking bongs shape and type

  The first thing to consider when looking for a new welding gun is the shape and type of the welding gun. The two most common pipe shapes are straight pipe and beaker. The beaker cigarette holder is inspired by the scientific beaker, and the straight tube is completely straight from the base to the mouthpiece. The most popular type is the scientific glass smoke gun. They are usually clear glass, thick and powerful, and usually contain percolators for diffusion and filtration.

   2 glass water bongs bowl slices and slide

  The next important part of the cigarette pot is the bowl or slide. You can buy several different styles of bowls, different colors, designs, shapes, etc. for your smoke pot. But they all have the same purpose, which is to contain dried herbs. The next important thing to pay attention to when buying a new bowl is the size and type of joints. All welding guns have a male or female connector of 10 mm, 14 mm or 18 mm. The male bowl enters the joint of the female cigarette pot, and the female bowl passes over the joint of the male cigarette pot. No matter your style or type, we have the perfect bowl for you, just make sure you choose the correct size and gender.

   3 The lower rod of glass water pipes

   Many smoking guns require a lower rod, which is a piece of glass that connects the bowl to the water in the bottom chamber. This allows your dried herbs to diffuse and filter. However, in recent years, many welding guns that do not require a lower handle have been produced, which are called tubeless welding guns. Handleless smoking guns are easier to clean and are usually smoother. HiLookah has a variety of styles and percolator types. When buying a new handle, please make sure it is the right size, otherwise it will not fit your pipe.

   4 glass bongs infiltrator

  As the world changes rapidly, people’s needs are different, and smoking guns have become more complex, including some incredible infiltrators. The filter is part of the pipe, which makes smoking more smooth and pleasant. Before you breathe in, percolators cool and filter the smoke, making smoking more enjoyable. They have a variety of styles, all of which have different functions and filtering functions. Some smoke guns also have an ice catcher, which allows you to add ice to the smoke gun to help cool the smoke. If you really want to upgrade your glass water bongs, you can add a cool glass bongs ash filler, and you can also help keep your cool glass bongs clean by trapping the ashes into your pipe.

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