How to choose the best Dab Nail

  When I first started contacting, it might be unbearable to find information on the Internet and start using it. The terminology can be confusing, and everyone you see seems to be using very different settings. In addition, you are using a butane torch, and you have reason to worry! To help guide others to delve into the world of focus, we will break down the most important part of the setup: Dab Nail.


  Over time, with the development of application, the choice of materials and nail styles has expanded to include various options and combinations. Currently, titanium and ceramics are the three common materials used to spread oil and concentrate.

  At present, the timing is the most commonly used material for making nails. It heats up faster than other materials and produces the purest flavor from your concentrate. The disadvantage is that the cooling rate is as fast as the heating rate, and it is fragile. Extreme temperatures and brief drops are enough to break these seasonal faucets.

  Titanium is the most durable material for nails, and it will never break due to overheating or falling. Although their heating time is slightly longer than it should be, their heating time is longer, which gives you more time to stay at the optimal temperature. Unfortunately, tapping your nails with titanium can sometimes give your legal concentrate some metallic taste, so if you are picky about the taste, it may not be for you. Remember, all titanium is not medical/food grade, so you can only get grade 2 or higher.

  Ceramic nails are more durable than any other materials. Although they require the longest heating time, the same temperature is great for sharing dabs or just getting yourself a big one. The flavor of production is second only to that of the season, and there is controversy over which of the two is better. Ceramic is the most exquisite material, and it is easy to crack due to overheating and long-term use. Similarly, if dropped, these nails are likely to break.

  These materials can be made into different styles of tapping, which can be used alone or with accessories. There are many options, and it all depends on what is best for you and your budget.

  Dome and non-dome

  This used to be a big problem for newcomers, but nowadays, dome nails are mostly regarded as outdated concepts, largely replaced by similar products without domes. This change is mainly due to the need for DAB with a higher temperature and a lower temperature. More research on French flowers shows that some ingredients have different boiling points, but most fluctuate within 300 degrees. Strikes above these temperatures will burn the concentrate, which is responsible for the taste and other interesting effects.

  Many people thought that they need to turn their nails red before shooting, but this is not only harmful to your equipment, but also harmful to the taste and efficacy of your serum. Although it is possible to achieve low temperature DAB using a dome setting, it is much more difficult, especially for new users. When you strike, the dome is heated and mounted on the nails, creating an enclosed area for steam. A nail without a dome is more like a plate and is best paired with a carbohydrate cap. The carbohydrate cap is an additional tapping attachment with a hole on it that helps to create a vortex in the nail cavity, thereby reducing internal pressure. This allows you to get an amazing low-temperature beat! Although it is usually cheaper than non-dome nails, dome nails are cheaper than non-dome nails for several reasons. Nails without round heads are easier to clean and more user-friendly, and can be tapped hard at lower temperatures.

  Electronic nails and electronic drilling rigs and traditional Dab drilling rig settings

  Electronic nails are a great innovation for smokers because it brings a new level of control to pat. The traditional tapping method requires repeated testing of the equipment until the best position is found. It is effective, and it is still effective, but electronic nails can be used to pat the nails instead of heating them with a flashlight. This is not only safer, but they can maintain a constant and accurate temperature for a longer period of time.

  Electric tapping screws

  The first generation nail has a coil that can be installed around the nail and connected to a control box where you can specify the desired temperature. This is a step in the right direction and provides a new level of control for the percussion experience. The only problem is that it is bulky, requires space, and is difficult to carry. In order to solve these problems, the next wave of modern tapping equipment was developed, which changed the world’s view of tapping.

  Electric drilling rigs, electronic drilling rigs, smart drilling rigs and hand-held drilling rigs have many different names, but they have caused changes in pat technology. By combining an electric heating source with a tapping drill, it not only modernizes the process, but also introduces tapping to a wider audience, because traditional drills/electronic nails may hinder new users. These stylish devices consist of a base/power supply and water-connected accessories. Although not as accurate as some electronic nails, there are usually many heating settings to choose from, and interchangeable bowl parts can customize your smoking experience.

  Gpen connection, electric nail tapping Although portable smart drilling machines have taken the entire industry by storm, some smokers want to return to their intoxicating art glass, but still want to give up butane. This resulted in cordless electronic nails. They come in different shapes and sizes, providing an experience similar to electronic devices, but using your own glass. Now you can find cordless nails in various shapes and sizes for you to choose from, such as G-pen Connect and Lookah Q7 for your device.

  Although the initial investment in nail polish or smart drill may be expensive, you no longer need to buy butane, you can customize your own tapping experience. Common Dab nail styles

  Although this does not cover everything, you can see some common nail knock types online and in our own shops. When buying nail art, you must remember the size of the joints, the gender and angle of the joints, because they may not be compatible.

  time stick

  Timely rod is the current standard, equipped with most of the oil rigs purchased in stores and online, such as Badass Glass. A clapper is a light nail that has a barrel that extends outward from the joint. There are many styles of seasonal sticks, I can’t introduce them all, but you will usually see slanted cup sticks and flat tops as pictures here.

  ceramic dome

  These ordinary nails extend upward, with a plate on top and a ventilation hole in the middle. People who like big dabs usually choose to go this way, because the longer heat will not be wasted.

  Universal Titanium Dome

  The great thing about these nails is that they fit any size and gender, and they are almost indestructible. Although they may be a bit expensive, you will never actually need another one.

  This is a failure to shoot nails. This technology has made great progress, but the foundation is still aesthetic. Pat flashlights and oil rigs can be as good as electric rigs. There is no wrong choice here, it all depends on preferences and budget.

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