How to Buy Wholesale Pipes and Water Pipes

If you have ever wondered how to buy wholesale pipes and water pipes, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start to look for suppliers. Some of the key considerations include finding a place that can meet your needs, whether they are for a small family business, or a large company. Also, you’ll want to check out a variety of pipe styles to ensure you’re purchasing the right one for your needs.

Beaker bases

Beaker base bongs are available in a variety of designs. Some of the most popular ones include the bubble base and straight tube. This type of water pipe is usually made from thick glass that is temperature resistant. It can also be used with a percolator. These bongs are perfect for those who want to get a smooth smoking experience.

The beaker bong is great for consumers who want to have more control over their rips. Its wide flask-shaped base allows smoke to come in contact with the water for filtration. They are also harder to tip over. You can buy one that features a removable bowl, which is especially handy for portability.

There are also beaker bongs with built-in downstems. These are easier to transport because of their fixed position. A built-in downstem is also a great way to keep the base from shifting.

Ice pinches

When shopping for wholesale pipes and water pipes, you may want to consider purchasing a pipe with an ice catcher. Ice helps cool smoke and make your hit cooler. Using an ice catcher will also help preserve the integrity of your glass water pipe. This is especially true if you are trying to purchase a high end product.

Several types of water pipes will have a built in ice catcher. Some of these include diffused downstems. Others feature indents on the base. Although this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the beaker design is common. These indents are often the size of a coin and are placed near the bottom of the tube. They are not as fancy as an ice pinch but do the trick.


The best way to find the perfect water pipe for your lifestyle is to do a bit of comparison shopping. One of the easiest ways to do this is to visit a wholesale distributor, such as Got Vape, which offers an unbeatable selection of affordable pipes, bongs and vaporizers. While they have a few high-end models to choose from, the sheer volume of their inventory makes them the go-to shop for anyone on a budget. Whether you’re looking for a new rig, or just want a replacement filter for your current setup, they’ve got you covered. And if you’re looking to pick up a few gifts for your buds, you’ll find them all at discount prices.

Aside from their affordable price tags, Got Vape also boasts a wide assortment of novelty and novelty based e-liquids and other paraphernalia. If you’re in the market for an enlightening smoke, you’ll be pleased to know they carry a wide variety of pipes of all shapes and sizes. From straight tubes to percolators to ice pinches, they’ve got your smoking needs covered.

Origins of the term “water pipe”

In ancient times, the term “water pipe” may have referred to any one of a wide variety of pipes used for the storage and transportation of water. These pipes were typically made of cast iron, wood or some other non-metallic material.

The earliest known water pipes date back to about 1100 BCE. They were constructed of bored-out logs. They were then pressed together with steel banding. This system was primarily used for sanitary sewers and aqueducts.

The early 1700s saw the establishment of a wooden pipe system in New York City, Boston and elsewhere. It was constructed under roads and sold to customers at street pumps. Later, this style of pipe was used to carry water from hydrants to houses.

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