High-risk merchant accounts for CBD, Dab rigs, glass pipes and smoking accessories

  CBD Merchant Account

  Under federal law, cannabis is currently illegal; however, due in part to the potential medical value of CBD oil, countries are legalizing the production and sale of this substance. Therefore, merchants selling cannabis CBD are scrambling to open high-risk CBD merchant accounts for payment, especially those that sell CBD and smoking accessories on the same website.

  Smoking Set Merchant Account

  When you are the boss of a smoking accessories business, you find that the business services of smoking products are essential before sales are generated. Due to the high-risk nature of selling smoking accessories, obtaining credit card processing through standard processors may result in freezing or unexpected termination of your merchant account. If there are solutions for CBD and smoking accessories, these obstacles to success can almost be eliminated?

  Central Business District and Smoking Accessories Merchant Account

  RS Merchant Service INTL has a solution that can’t be found elsewhere. It can sell CBD products online and sell smoking accessories face to face. Their plan allows credit card interest rates lower than the standard interest rates processed by merchant accounts in the Central Business District, and can freely sell products such as bongs and tapping rigs. The solution allows high-risk businesses to use cannabis-related terms, images, and videos to deliver content without common restrictions.

  Smoking accessories and CBD merchants have extended a helping hand because their previous processors have closed their business or they are not allowed to sell the product portfolio they need to compete with. Although shutdown may occur at any time, it usually occurs without proper warning. Replace your credit card processor with a service provider with more than 27 years of experience in credit card processing.

  A trusted credit card processor

  RS Merchant Services INTL is positioned as an online tobacco wholesale and retail store rejected by traditional processors. RS Merchant Service INTL focuses on high risks, such as CBD and smoking accessories merchant accounts, which can provide you with what you need to make your business sell safely.

  Get a competitive high-risk merchant account to handle the central business district and smoking accessories sales rates customized according to your business and volume. Before applying for a low-risk or high-risk merchant account, it is best to understand your specific risk level. All merchant account providers have standards for classifying corporate risk levels, but these two merchant account types have several characteristics.

  About Remote Sensing Merchant Service International

  RS Merchant Service ITNTL represents the credit card processing industry and the top US banks and processors. Unlike banks, they cannot benefit from excessively high interest rate fines and small businesses. RS Merchant Services provides solutions for all business types, specializing in payment processing for legal cannabis and related industries. Every working day, the RS Merchant Services INTL team has dedicated consultants to help answer questions and provide valuable support. If you have questions about your business risk level and seek new central business district and smoking accessories credit card processing, please arrange a free consultation with Ruben Santino, President of INLT Remote Sensing Merchant Services.

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