Cool Smoking Accessories, Pipes and More for 2022

  At the beginning of the year, it’s a prime time to step back and think about what’s missing in your life.

  Well, much deeper than we thought. We’re talking more about your glass pantry and how you can make it truly epic. Check out these ideas to enrich your collection with cool pipes, smoking accessories and more.

  Ku smoking parts

  While this section isn’t technically about water pipes or dab rigs, having an organized smoking station is very important whether you’re at home or on the road. There is a plethora of stylishly designed and refined luggage to help keep everything together. Some look like pencil cases or cosmetic bags, perfect for storing any jars or containers you may have.

  Speaking of containers, using glass jars to store your herbs or concentrates will go a long way towards keeping them fresh. Silicone containers are also a good choice. They come in many shapes and patterns, from flattened rectangles to small spheres to oil barrels. These are all necessities for proper storage and can be taken with you wherever you go.

  Colored pipes and drilling rigs

  Recently, bold colors have been a big trend for plumbing and dab rigs. You might get a slimy green fist on the mouthpiece or filter, or even the whole pipe actually glows (some do). There are even some tubes that will change color when exposed to UV light.

  Color-wise, the Dab rig stands out. For example, our 8″ Super Slit Donut Klein Incycler comes in colors like “Kiwi” and “Blue Stardust.” Whether it is bubbling or waiting for the next time, it is a beautiful piece. Even the tiny dabs look bigger than they really are when they’re neon pink! No matter the size, colorful pipes will stand out in your collection – making your collection unique.

  Graphic design

  While classic straight pipes and beaker bottom pipes will never go out of style, there’s no denying that unique pipes in many fancy colors are more eye-catching.

  A truly awesome plumbing is our 8′ Super Slit Donut Six Recycler which has six recycling funnel chambers that recycle water back to the main chamber for better spread, flavor and some amazing Tap water. We’d go nuts, not to mention how cool the Faberge egg drill looks, even if you don’t use it: a truly cool pipe lover wouldn’t miss having one in their collection.

  It’s worth mentioning that bells and whistles are usually better for smokers who know what they’re doing. If you’re a beginner, stick to the classic model–. You don’t want to invest in an expensive but beautiful plumbing that breaks just weeks after it arrives. Whatever the trend, make sure it’s always thick.

  All these trends are meaningless if you don’t choose high-quality items. Fortunately, in thick ass glass, you never have to worry about this. All of our hoses, flappers and smoking accessories are made of thick glass and other premium materials for flawless performance and durability. Add our unique pipes to your collection now.

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