Girls Smoking Glass Lollipop Gifts and Accessories

  As the counter-culture community evolves to become more inclusive of all, women are finding their space and voice in sports. Female executives, entrepreneurs and social influencers are emerging in the industry and changing the way smoking glass candy products are made and marketed. From internet celebrities like Koala Puffs to chef Martha Stuart, even Whoopi Goldberg has a line of cannabis products.

  To celebrate all things female smoking glass lollipops, we’ve handpicked some of the best female smoking guns, female patting devices and teen smoking glass lollipop accessories made just for her. These aren’t just pink and purple pipes and pretty tubes. All of the glass pipes on this list are made of thick borosilicate glass. Exquisite beyond your imagination. Don’t settle for any old pieces. Be kind to what you’ve designed for yourself! They’re also perfect for those looking for a smoky gift for the girl in your life.

  The Pink Filter Pot takes filtration to a different level, creating the smoothest, most delicious percussion. This pink smoker is 10 inches long and has three diffusion layers. Producing all those tiny bubbles allows the smoke more surface area to interact with the water, cooling it and filtering the tar before it reaches the lungs. The splash guard sits on top of the last perc, so you don’t have to worry about pulling too hard and sucking water into your mouth. Nevertheless, there is still a space for the ice catcher to further cool the smoke. Made of 5 mm thick borosilicate glass, this tambourine is your best friend for a long time.

  Silicone Ice Cream Omelet

  This sweet bong is perfect for anyone, especially those planning a trip this summer. This silicone pipe is made of quality materials and disguised as an ice cream cone with a removable glass bowl. It is 5 inches long and can be held securely in the hand. It looks naive on the beach. Highly durable and easy to clean, put this cute pipe in your bag and you’re ready to start your day. Once it’s yours, you’ll be eating ice cream all year long! We have four flavors to choose from, even if you’re lactose intolerant!

  Diamond Glass Recycled Ash Trap

  An accessory worth adding to your collection, this scientific ash trap will bring a new look and feel to your setup. Equipped with a precision slit nozzle percolator and recovery chamber, you’ll experience cleaner, smoother rips from now on. Made of 5mm thick borosilicate, this durable vacuum cleaner will give you a cleaner job, last longer and increase smoke dispersion. We like the purple filter, but if you don’t, there are more colors to choose from. recv failure: connection reset by peer

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