Top 10 Considerations for Amazon Affiliates Selling CBD and Hemp

  A year ago, Amazon disrupted the passive income of more than 2 million franchisees by slashing commissions and account bans. Act with this Amazon subsidiary and select CBD and hemp items. If you think of Amazon products, you may recall getting the following notification that the affiliate commission rate has dropped by half or more in most of the categories available.

  ”Hello Colleague, we wish you the best of luck during your tenure. You are writing to notify you of upcoming changes to the Amazon Partner Program Operating Agreement, which governs our participation in the Amazon Partner Program; all changes will take place in 2020 Effective April 21.”

  As you can see from the snapshot below: Commission rate cuts cover most categories. You’ll also notice a combination of rate categories and commission rates, as low as 1%.

  What is the Amazon Alliance?

  The Amazon Affiliate is an affiliate of more than 2 million companies that promote products on Amazon. The notice told franchisees that commission rates had dropped significantly, disrupting people’s lives overnight.

  For many bloggers and general website owners, Amazon’s affiliate program helps generate income to support their writing or other website goals.

  But for some digital entrepreneurs, making money from Amazon can become a nightmare. Like most major ad networks or affiliate programs, Amazon reserves the right to ban you at any time.

  Break one of Amazon’s long list of terms and all your hard work could go to waste and your website or blog investment could take a serious financial hit.

  If you’re an Amazon member or plan to become a member, read these mistakes that can get you banned and why you should partner with the popular online store.

  Here are the top 10 considerations for MHGP’s Amazon affiliates selling CBD and cannabis online, and why you should join the best affiliate programs outside of Amazon.

  1. Email an Amazon affiliate link

  Amazon will prohibit the use of affiliate links in what they call “offline promotions or any other offline means,” which also applies to personal and promotional emails.

  While email users use the internet to check their accounts, most email platforms also allow users to access their email offline. You can still make money from Amazon using email marketing, but you’ll need to get around that by linking to a page that contains your affiliate link.

  Some site owners have readers subscribe to the site, resulting in subscribers being notified of new posts directly in their email inboxes. If you use your Amazon link in the first paragraph, users will get a clickable link in their inbox. The use of automated email communication services is not recommended as clicking on the link may be banned in the future.

  Well, that’s not the case with Amazon’s affiliate program’s alternative to Mile High Glass Pipe (MHGP). Their affiliate program allows emails to be sent to potential customers, and when one of those customers makes a purchase, the affiliate’s account is automatically credited.

  Email is a popular method, especially for branches with active customer networks. Sending the affiliate link in the email also helps to create lifetime customers associated with the affiliate for any order.

  2. Affiliate links are shortened or disguised

  Concerned about Amazon affiliates misleading their audience, as Amazon’s reputation depends on how well its affiliates direct visitors to its site.

  Because Amazon’s reputation is at stake, link shortening is prohibited because using this practice won’t get you to send users to the Amazon platform.

  However, MHGP allows specific changes to referral links in two ways.

  Members can use the integration to automatically convert their referral links from the member dashboard.

  MHGP can also set up redirects from their store to affiliate referral links as needed.

  Include links in eBooks or PDF documents

  3. Place affiliate links in PDFs

  Like email, eBooks and PDFs are easily accessible offline, so injecting Amazon affiliate links using these methods is prohibited.

  As a bonus, any printed material, direct mail, SMS, MMS, email or email attachments, other documents or any verbal solicitation is prohibited.

  With MHGP, affiliates can create unique coupon codes for print and digital alternative applications. When the coupon code is triggered, the member will be credited to the order. The coupon code method works for Instagram and Snapchat social media influencers.

  Use QR codes to embed affiliate links to launch guerrilla marketing campaigns, or go to core social media and use your coupon code links in any creative on any platform of your choice.

  4. Operate multiple accounts

  Amazon only allows one account per person to limit spam and make sure their bans carry weight. If you create multiple accounts, you can get banned almost instantly.

  Affiliate Amazon Alternatives

  MHGP will allow you to operate multiple accounts as long as you use the account’s media assets for different business entities, brands or pages.

  5. Not mentioning that you are an Amazon member

  Amazon Membership Ban

  If you are an Amazon affiliate, each individual page on your website that sells Amazon products must include a disclaimer stating that you are an Amazon affiliate and earn a small commission on products sold. Leaving this information will get you banned from Amazon very quickly, but for the MHPG affiliate program, this is not in their terms of service. (Terms of Service)

  6. Links to Porn Sites

  According to Article 2 of the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement, Amazon strictly prohibits the use of affiliate links on websites that promote or contain pornographic or violent content.

  Please understand that no individual or company should promote violence in any media.

  Amazon Membership Ban

  That being said, Mile High Glass Pipeline is a company that provides general information about the cannabis industry as it involves breaking taboos around topics such as adult sex work, gender and racial inequality, physical and mental health, and more.

  Plus, it’s easier to buy ads on porn sites. TrafficJunky, the ad network of MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, RedTube and other adult entertainment properties, has created a demand-side platform that CBD and cannabis brands can join.

  You’ll find cannabis and sex topics generally accepted in mainstream culture and on the Internet.

  MHGP welcomes membership from most website owners and influencers in ad-restricted fields in order to gain a more significant passive income stream in a growing market.

  7. Buy paid search placements

  Amazon prohibits paid search for placement, which means you cannot use your affiliate links in pay-per-click ads by bidding on keywords or search terms. Be careful when using paid advertising to drive traffic to your website; it can lead directly to an Amazon affiliate ban.

  This type of paid placement can greatly increase the success of your website while generating additional revenue over time. Unfortunately, advertising from MHGP and other online stores is also banned. A major reason to sell “tobacco-related products” online is almost worse than being an Amazon affiliate.

  Suppose you have a media property with an active ad account. In this case, MHGP will not object to members promoting online sales through advertising if members can afford paid games.

  8. Mention the product price on the page

  Because the prices of items on Amazon change regularly, putting price information in your content can lead to unnecessary discrepancies that can confuse users.

  Besides irritating potentially happy customers, discussing prices in your content can get you banned from your Amazon affiliate account.

  While the prices of items on may change, they maintain a stable retail price in the store. Any discount on merchandise usually comes in the form of a promo code, except for major U.S. holidays or automatic sales.

  As long as you pay attention to the user’s experience and the word of mouth of both parties, you can freely mention the price of the product in your creative or page works. 9. Provide rebate rewards.

  Offering rebates is a technique used by marketers to increase sales, often applied in the digital product market. However, Amazon made this an impossible alliance.

  Their policy states, “You may not offer any compensation or reward (including any money, rebates, discounts, points, donations or other benefits to a charity or other organization) to any person or entity.”

  Another reason to break free from the Amazon affiliate program. MHGP will not interfere with your marketing efforts as long as it does not damage the brand reputation or confuse the audience.

  10. No sales within 90 days

  When you sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you need to sell at least 1 product within 90 days; otherwise, you will no longer be an Amazon member. However, you can reapply and try to become an Amazon member at any time in the future, but only during this time. Ouch.

  No Amazon sales

  The MHGP will not set time limits on the work of its affiliates during the global pandemic, not at any time. Any branding on behalf of their community is welcomed, respected and appreciated.

  Let’s say an affiliate needs help understanding how to use an affiliate program tool. In this case, they can contact the Affiliate Program Manager using the Contact Us form or by phone at (213) 988-7576.

  Bongs Dab Rig on Amazon

  Amazon appears to have a highly unpredictable prohibition policy that prohibits the sale of cannabis-based products such as bongs and dab rigs on the platform.


  Although Amazon has clear guidelines on what is and is prohibited in its policy for selling “tobacco and tobacco-related products,” many users report that they are banned from selling tobacco-related products that are permitted in the policy.

  Because of this, the main online store trying to sell water pipes online is their own alliance, completely excluded from mainstream advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  If marijuana, vaping or tobacco brands want to advertise on mainstream social platforms, they better be prepared to implement insider tactics that only digital advertising experts know about.

  Are you a direct selling website reseller or an affiliate marketer frustrated with poor response times from leading cannabis industry suppliers?

  Online companies like Smoke Cartel, Dank Stop and Greenlane have been capitulating to their customers, retailers and affiliates due to lack of communication, long turnaround times and little one-on-one support.

  Leave them alone!

  Become a member of Mile High Glass Pipes and promote CBD and hemp products with this high-paying alternative to the Amazon affiliate program. Top 10 Considerations for Amazon Affiliates Selling CBD

  It’s your turn.

  Has your Amazon membership been suspended by a thread?

  Are you a seasoned Amazon employee and want to be part of the conversation?

  Did the previous online store burn you?

  We are happy to hear your opinion.

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